• Butterfly


    "Are you not afraid?" asked Wooseok to Yunseong who was staring at the monsters from the roof they had climbed up to.

    "I am. I am terrified." simply replied his friend eyeing the moving bodies.


    Wooseok crossed his arms, the night wind was colder than what he had expected. His fingertips were going numb and he was beginning to feel hungry.


    "Hmm..So...Where are Yohan and Minju..?"

    "There." said Yunseong pointing at a hotel in the horizon.

    "...An hotel?"




    Yunseong froze, looking at him before staring away.


    "...Oh." answered a now blushing Wooseok


    "..W...Well at least they are safe there…"


    Yunseong nodded, scratching his head.


    "Do you see these buildings?" asked Yunseong

    "Which ones…?

    "These."repeated the boy, vaguely pointing in a direction as he looked for weapons on the roof



    A small, barely noticeable smile appeared on his lips as he walked over to him.

    Almost back-hugging him as he took his hand in his to show him the buildings he had mentioned.


    "There." almost whispered Yunseong in his ear.


    There he was, troubling him with his voice and touch again.His heart was beating fast as he felt him rest his chin on his head.


    "Hmm?" asked the taller boy, confused, feeling his friend tense up.


    Wooseok eyed the towers and felt more than ridicule to be enjoying the moment in the middle of an apocalypse.

    An apocalypse they probably weren't going to survive.


    "I..I see…"


    Yunseong let go of him and stepped back, leaving Wooseok who was suddenly disappointed.


    "We'll jump to the next roof, the building should be connected to each one after that either by hallways or an underground."explained Yunseong.


    Wooseok froze again.


    "...We'll what?"


    "Do you want us to die???"


    Yunseong climbed above the security bars and eyed the distance between them and the next building's roof.


    "It's alright, we'll make the jump." 

    "No we won't-"

    "We don't have any other choice.We can't just walk to go there,there are too many monsters. This is the only solution."

    'We could wait for the army to come." stated Wooseok, scared once again.


    Yunseong's grip on the railing grew tighter.


    "...I don't think they will anymore."

    "Why not?"

    "...Look down."


    Wooseok walked up to him and stared at the moving shapes. At first that's all they were shapes, moving and growling shadows at best.

    Then he saw their torned faces, their empty eyes and their outfits.

    Uniforms, quite a lot of them.

    Army uniforms.


    "...Fuck." whispered Wooseok, sick to his stomach.


    What were they to do if even the army had been so easily beaten?


    " You'll have to trust me for this one Wooseok." 


    The small man sighed and nodded.

    He could only rely on him after all.


    "I do."

    "I won't let you fall." said Yunseong before smoothly jumping over to the facing roof. "...No matter what."

    "..O...Ok…" replied a scared Wooseok, climbing above the security bars.


    Wooseok stared at the void (well not really a void but rather a long back alley filled with hungry cannibals) and felt dizzy.

    He would absolutely fall to his death, his legs were not as long as Yunseong's.

    This was a terrible idea.


    "Come on,I'll catch you." said Yunseong, opening his arms.


    Wooseok felt relieved.

    Especially because Yunseong was the kind of person who never let down people dear to him.

    But was he? Was he someone he valued?

    He hoped he was. 


    "A..Alright." replied Wooseok, deeply breathing in the cold air before finally jumping.


    The jump had been brief and his eyes had been closed when he felt warm protective arms around himself before the brutal landing on some concrete that was suspiciously softer than what he remembered.


    "Urg…" heard Wooseok who didn't dare open his eyes. 


    The floor was breathing.

    The floor was moving and moaning in pain.


    "...Am I dead?"

    "You are alive and heavy." laughed the familiar voice of Yunseong, who hugged him closer to him.


    Wooseok opened his eyes and fell face to face with Yunseong who was laying on the ground beneath him.

    Face close to his.


    "You did it Wooseok. I'm proud of you." 

    "...I did it."

    "Yes...And you didn't need to worry at all." 

    "Why?" asked a confused  Wooseok at the sight of Yunseong, slowly caressing his cheek.


    Yunseong blushed and covered his face with his other free hand before sweetly smiling.

    Wooseok liked seeing his shy side, it was so lovely.


    "Because you were flying, just like a butterfly." commented Yunseong, in a whisper.

    "A butterfly…?" 

    "The most beautiful one." confessed Yunseong.

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    Lundi 9 Mars 2020 à 17:44


    Minju et Yohan c'est des rapides wow ils prennent exemple sur le Misoo ou c'est dans le sang??? Pauvre Yun qui a dû se taper la question de Wooseok........

    Est-ce que j'ai fangirl à chaque interaction? Absolument

    Tu gères super bien les deux vraiment c'est jfdghjf

    Yunseong qui manque de se défoncer la tête pour Wooseok moooooooooh trop mimi dhjds


    Ils sont beaux ils sont biens ils sont cools

    Hâte que Wooseok agisse en patron pour protéger le petit aussi hihi

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    Lundi 9 Mars 2020 à 17:47
    Tu verras pour Minju et Yohan

    C'est fait pour que tu fangirl :x

    Ca me rassure..
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