• Day 3

    Day 3

    Minju was running in the hallways after classes, ignoring the teachers telling her that it was forbidden.

    The young girl had spent the previous evening piecing together why her cousin came back from Minhyun's place in such a state.

    And by such a state she talked about the fact that Mina had refused to eat and couldn't stop crying in her room,not even stopping to care for Little Junho who was worried sick about his older sister.

    Minju came face to face with Minhyun who was walking in the halls with a ghostly look on his face.


    "You...YOU!" growled Minju

    "Wait-!" screamed Yohan who had ran after his friend followed by the boys(including a confused Wooseok)


    Minju slapped Minhyun with all of her strength.

    The sound of her hand hitting his flesh resonated in the busy corridors, bringing a halt to all the other students move.

    Minhyun didn't move and just lowered his head as his cheek slowly turned red. 


    "What the hell?? What are you doing?!" asked Wooseok running to his cousin. "Are you alright?"

    "I am ok." said Minhyun. "I deserve it and more."


    Yohan had grabbed Minju by her arm as she was still boiling with rage.

    Wooseok seemed lost.


    "I knew that you would break her heart you jerk! I knew it!!!"

    "...I'm sorry Minju." replied Minhyun." It was never my intention."

    "But you did in the end!" shouted the fiery girl. "She skipped school today.You know better than anyone else that she never does! You haven't seen the state she is in-"

    "Calm down…" pleaded Yohan

    "At this rate the teachers will come-" said Yunseong,staring at the slowly forming crowd around them.

    "Do I look like I care??" replied Minju before going for a second hit.


    A hand stopped hers.


    "That's enough." said a third year accompanied by his friend.

    "Myungsoo, we were leaving-" sighed Yohan who didn't want to involve his cousin in this mess.

    "It doesn't seem to me that Minju is ready to let it go." remarked Myungsoo.


    The pink haired girl remembered him.

    She had briefly met him over at Yohan's house.

    Myungsoo was the students' president and had been in charge of the position since the previous year.


    "Do you have something to say Minhyun?" asked Myungsoo to the teenager.

    "No.Everything's fine...I'm the one who messed up." 

    "Hmm. Then let's end this. I don't want to bring you two to the principal's office."


    Minhyun sighed, nodded and walked away, followed by a confused Wooseok.

    Myungsoo turned to Minju.


    "...How's Mina?"

    "Why do you care?"answered the girl, still annoyed, she had a lot more to say to her cousin's ex.

    "One of our best student skipped class, I have to know why."

    "She just need some time off, she will be alright." said Minju as Yohan let go of her arm. 

     "Ok. Go now. Go home and calm down." said Woohyun, the other student.


    Minju sighed and left the building with Yohan and Yunseong. 


    "I wanted to punch him so bad!!"

    "You did slap him." said Yunseong.

    "That's not enough." 


    The trio reached the gate where two tall young kids waited for them.

    The boy was leaning his head on the metal railing.


    "What are you doing here Junho?" asked Minju


    The tall girl beside Junho smiled at the sight of her and even blushed.


    "...We wanted to get mad at Minhyun." admitted Little Junho with a small pout on his lips "But there is too many students, I couldn't find him."

    "We? You brought a friend?" asked Minju



    Minju smiled at the pretty girl by the boy's side and wondered if she was his girlfriend.


    "Hi, I'm Kim Minju. Nice to meet you and please take care of our Little Junho"


    Junho blushed in embarrassment.


    "Stop calling me that.."

    "He is right, have you seen his height?" laughed Yohan before petting his hair


    The girl eyed the group of friends and lightly coughed to catch their attention once again.


    "I'm Yujin, nice to meet you all."

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    Mardi 28 Janvier 2020 à 21:12


    Myungsoo je sens que c'est le gars admiré mais aussi craint par tout le monde

    Est-ce qu'il aime Mina???

    Yohan qui pat pat Junho uwuuuuuuuuuuuuu


    choquée ils la connaissent pas

    mon dieu si elle était en couple avec Junho damn (j'ai lu une fic ou y'a brièvement du Yunseong x Minju puis du Yunseong x Yena c'est grave bien hihi)

    Yujin qui fall in love at first sigh with Minju as expected

    Puppy Yujin is gonna follow Minju hehehehe

      • Whipped
        Mercredi 29 Janvier 2020 à 03:20
        Minju a SNAP


        Il l'aime pas encore mais il est interesse.

        Yohan et Junho ca va etre cute

        ils sont pas en couple c'est juste Minju qui se dit ca x)

        Ah bah ca oui
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    Mardi 28 Janvier 2020 à 21:16
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