• Day 4'

    Day 4'



    Yujin was daydreaming, drawing circles on the lined paper of her notebook with her black pen that would soon run out of ink. 

    She couldn't take her mind of her pink cheeks.

    The spirals got tighter and smaller as her thoughts wandered on her beautiful eyes and rosy lips. 

    Yujin felt herself blush and buried her face into her arms. 

    What was wrong with her?

    Minju, Junho's cousin, was the prettiest person she had ever seen and hadn't stopped thinking about her after meeting the beautiful girl.


    "....What's wrong?" whispered Junho, she would be scolded by their mathematics teacher if he ever saw her notebook. 

    "Nothing…" mumbled Yujin, looking up to her friend. 


    Yujin felt betrayed by him, how had he not introduced her to him soon?


    "Then focus on the class…"


    Yujin rolled her eyes and took her pen once again, scribbling down probably wrong answers to problems she did not understand.

    Junho and Yujin had known each other since the first day of middle school and he, out of the two of them, had changed the most. 

    The slightly chubby boy was the one who had glowed up the most out of all their classmate, turning into a handsome teenager over a single summer. 

    Yujin was the one who had cut his mushroom-like hair before they went back to school the previous year and had felt extremely proud when most of the girls began fawning over him.

    She had been a bit scared that he would change and join all the loud and popular self-serving jerks but Junho, even with his extreme turn-over look-wise and new found popularity, stayed the same young boy she had known for years.

    Junho was shy to most people's eyes but Yujin knew the truth, he was a prankster and what she liked to qualify as a crackhead and that's why she liked having him as her best friend. 

    She was just the same.

    Yujin yawned, she wanted to go out and breathe some fresh air.


    "...Yujin, come solve the problem." called the teacher who had caught a glimpse of her annoyed face.


    The young girl almost cursed and saw the slight smirk on Junho's lips that was about to laugh.

    There it was, the demonic side of her cherubic faced best friend.

    Yujin walked to the board and took a piece of white chalk in her hand.

    Yujin eyed the problem with spite, she hated maths more than anything.

    She hated complicated things and loved the simple sides of life.

    An afternoon in a park, a summer evening walk with Junho  ending with an ice-cream eaten on an empty swing and bike rides along the Han river.

    Yujin was free spirited and hated institutions.

    The young girl tapped the chalk on the board, thinking.


    She wondered what kind of person Minju was, she wondered how was life for such a beautiful person.

    She wondered if she too hated maths and if she also hated being locked up in classrooms for days on end.

    The constant tapping ceased and she sighed.

    Yujin felt ashamed to be this curious about someone she had just met,Minju had probably already forgotten her name so why was she so focused on her?


    "Yujin?" asked the teacher slowly getting annoyed.

    "....I don't know." sighed the girl before putting down the chalk and walking back to her seat.


    Junho's smirk had disappeared and a genuine concerned look had taken his place. 


    "...Let's go eat some ice cream after this." whispered Junho.

    "In March?"

    "There is no wrong time to eat ice-cream." asserted the boy with a light smile on his lips.



    Classes went on for a long time before the bell finally rang. Yujin gathered her things, looking at the mess she had made on the poor and innocent paper and mentally apologized to the trees.

    The two of them walked out of the school and headed straight to the ice cream shop that was in Junho's street.


    " You don't have to go hunt your sister's ex today?" asked Yujin as Junho hesitated between the chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.

    "No. Minju said that she can take care of him alone." 


    Yujin couldn't imagine the pink-haired girl fight and even less fight Minhyun that was way taller than her.


    "I doubt it…? She looks like she would fly right out of a window if a wind breeze grazed her."


    A scoff escaped Junho lips who ended up choosing the vanilla while she chose the chocolate gelato.


    "She isn't. She used to learn taekwondo with Yohan." explained Junho.


    Yujin remembered Yohan from a time he had come to pick up Junho. The two of them often went to game cafes and that day had been no exception.


    "Is she good at it?" 

    "Ha! No. She is terrible, she was so terrible that the teacher even told her that she was a danger to the other students.Even Yohan hasn't been able to get her to do proper punches." laughed Junho "She might been a disaster but she is strong, she even slapped a boy that bullied me before and I haven't heard from him since ." 


    The two of them sat on a swing  and started eating their ice creams.


    "Why ice-creams all of a sudden?" wondered Yujin who was happy to finally be outside of school.


    Junho looked at her.


    "Because I knew that you needed a break? You didn't look well back in class." 

    "...Thanks." smiled Yujin.

    "You won't tell me what's wrong?"asked a worried Junho.

    "Nop~" answered Yujin before swinging


    Her friend rolled his eyes. 


    "Junho?" called out a pretty but tired voice from behind them.


    Yujin turned around to see Mina dressed in a simple dress and coat with groceries in both of her hands. 

    The girl had been over to Junho's house multiple times and liked his older sister that had each time been kind to her.

    Yujin had always found Mina to be beautiful with her long eyelashes, pretty features and pleasing smile that made head turns. After meeting Minju she could see how the two girls were similar but differed from each other.

    Mina was more mature and adult like (surely because she had to take care of the wild beast that was her brother) when Minju was more vibrant and sparkling with laughter. 

    They looked so similar that someone would have easily mistaken them for sisters.

    Junho stood up and ran to her,picking up the groceries. 


    "Are you ok? You should have called me I would have helped you!" said Junho.

    "Hi Yujin." waved Mina with a smile on her lips."I didn't want to bother you."


    Yujin noticed that her eyes were slightly swollen. 

    Junho had been right, his sister had taken the break-up pretty bad. She had never seen her like that.

    Mina was always smile and sunshines even during rainy days. She never let through her feelings and always hid behind her beautiful smile of hers not to worry Little Junho.


    "How are you? Are you sure that it is ok for you to be outside?" worried her little brother.

    "I'm fine. I can't stay locked in my room forever over a break up right?" smiled the girl


    "I'm truly fine Junho. Don't worry about me." Mina patted his head "I have to hurry back, we have guests tonight."

    "Guests? Who?"

    "Minju,Yohan and Kami are coming over for dinner. You should come too Yujin." smiled Mina.


    Yujin blinked a few times. 


    "I don't want to bother you."

    "You don't, the more the merrier right?Our apartment gets lonely and way too big when it is just the two of us." 

    "Please come, I don't want to be alone with these old people!" joked Junho as Mina rolled her eyes.


    Yujin stopped to think for a second.

    It was her parents anniversary that evening ,they would probably leave her to go on a date and she hated eating alone. 

    Moreover, she could see her again and that was enough motivation on its own.

    Being a little curious wasn't bad right..?


    "Ok but let me help you out!"


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    Jeudi 30 Janvier 2020 à 13:46

    Oh c'était grave bien omg t'as tellement compris Yujin!! Elle déteste tellement les maths et l'école, mais elle est hyper forte en sport :')

    J'adore sa ptite relation avec Junho c'est trop mimsss ils iraient super bien ensemble dgdhsjcd

    Yujin amoureuse de Minju au premier regard ohlala en même temps qui ne le serait pas


    Junhan + Jinjoo + Mimi ça sent la soirée jeux-vidéo ou jeux de société ça grave hâte de voir la suite hihi

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    Jeudi 30 Janvier 2020 à 13:51
    Yujin en meme temps c'est dur de l'imaginer aimer l'école *tousse* Je suis happy que tu ais aimé♡

    Junho et Yujin ca sera pas du romantique mais ils s'aiment bcp ♡

    Minju est magnifique, impossible de resister.

    Je complexerais trop si j'étais à la soirée perso ohlalala

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