• Day 6

    Day 6

    Junho was sad.

    He was sad because Yujin was depressed and refused to talk about it.

    He hated seeing her like this,he hated not hearing her laugh.

    The morning after the party had been an awkward one, especially when the two middle-schoolers had caught the new couple kissing in the kitchen.

    It hadn't even been a regular kiss, it had been a passionate kiss that was still haunting the young boy's mind.


    "Yujinnnn~" called Junho, waving her favorite sandwich under her nose that he had bought especially for her, taking an extra 20 min out of his morning routine. "Look at what I have for you~"

    "Thanks but I'm not hungry…" sighed Yujin,laying down on her desk.

    "...Ok we have to talk about what's wrong then."


    "Because you never say no to food! You are scaring me!" 


    Yujin sighed before caressing Junho's hair with her hand.


    "Don't worry...I just...I'm just sad. It's not important."

    "But it is for me...I want you to be happy…"

    "Junho...I just…" 

    "It is because of Minju right?"


    Yujin sighed and nodded.


    "How did you know..?"

    "...You weren't really discreet about it."


    "But Minju doesn't know, she rarely knows."


    Junho remembered all the times his sister and cousin had been followed around by boys(or even girls) in love with them,boys that never entered their sight.

    Junho knew that they weren't ignoring them, they were just so used to all the attention that they weren't able to notice what was going on outside of their immediate circle. 


    "Well...That's nice? I guess…"

    "I don't get why everybody love her that much...She is pretty ,yes, but scary sometimes." 

    "I don't care. I like her." pouted Yujin

    "You barely know her!!!"

    "You're not helping…"


    Junho brushed his hand against her cheek,playing with a few strands of her hair.


    "Forget her, you'll find someone better."


    "You can. How can you not when you are so wonderful and pretty?" 

    "..I am?"

    "Of course!" smiled Junho 



    Junho pouted and also laid down on his desk.


    "I am being honest. You are really pretty."

    "I act like a boy, I am not delicate like Minju... Who would ever like me?"

    "Me." replied Junho maybe too quickly. "...as a friend."

    "I'm not talking about friends!"

    "I know I know...Sorry."


    Yujin sighed and eyed her friend.


    "No...I should be the one apologizing. You are just trying to help me…"

    "I am a sad excuse for a best friend." 

    "That's not true..You are always there when I need you." finally smiled Yujin, taking his hand in hers. "You were there yesterday to comfort me when we...saw them."


    Junho had spent the previous day calming down Yujin who had been grieving the premature loss of her first love.

    She had drenched his brand new shirt with her tears and snot without him scolding her.

    He had just sat there, slowly rubbing her back until she stopped sobbing.


    "I was more like a pillow than a best friend."

    "I like you as a pillow." joked Yujin. "Especially when it's one that brings me food." 


    Junho looked at the sandwich.


    "So you want it?"

    "Yes, but not because I am hungry. Because you keep staring at me with your puppy eyes."


    Junho blinked a few times.


    "Puppy eyes?"

    "Yeah, it's hard to refuse after seeing them. I think it's genetic, your sister and Minju also have this...skill…?"


    Yujin took her lunch and bit into it under the longing stare of her friend.

    Junho was hungry but would rather die than admit it.


    "...Where is your lunch?" asked a suspicious Yujin.

    "...I took my lunch money."


    "I bought the sandwich for you.


    "There was no money left for my lunch."

    "..Idiot." laughed Yujin, cutting the sandwich in two "There, take half of it."


    "No but. I won't eat if you do not."


    Junho scratched his head.




    Junho didn't particularly like sandwiches, he preferred hot meals but was happy as long as he was with Yujin.


    "Are you ok?" asked the boy

    "No and I don't intend to be ok for some time."


    "Because we are middle schoolers...And I want to rebel."


    "Yeah. If I rebel now it is a life crisis but if I rebel in high school that's just me being childish."

    "...Isn't it the contrary…? Life crisis in high school and childish behavior in middle school…?"

    "...You know what I meant."

    "...You are an idiot."

    "You too." 

    "...Why do you want to rebel?"

    "To busy my broken heart."


    Junho shook his head and sighed.


    " How will you rebel?"

    "I don't know."

    "....Yeah that's what I thought."

    "...I'll run away?"

    "You won't last a day without food and you like your parents."

    "...I'll steal an object."

    "You felt bad for a week when you forgot to give back a pen to the science teacher."

    "...I'll smoke?"

    "You hate the smell of cigarettes."

    "..I'll date bad guys."


    "Why no?"

    "Because I won't let you."


    "Because I am your friend and I don't want you to ruin your life." 



    Junho eyed her and patted her head. 


    "Instead of rebelling, we can hang out." 


    "Hmm Han river?"


    "This afternoon…?"

    "But we have a sport class…"


    Junho laughed.


    "I thought that you wanted to rebel?"


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    Mardi 11 Février 2020 à 15:10


    Ma pauvre Yujin j'espère qu'elle va vite s'en remettre

    Ca serait drôle qu'ils croisent le Yohju dans leur sortie dghdfjf ou le Wooseong aussi

    Yujin rebelle ça lui va grave bien

    Par contre c'est tous des mauvais élèves par ici s'ils se font chopper aïe

    Mardi 11 Février 2020 à 15:15

    Yujin a Junho tkt ca va aller

    Euh si ils croisent le Minhan yujin va pleurer

    Yujin je la vois que rebelle.
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