• Evening Party

    Evening Party

    Kami was sitting on Mina's sofa, eyeing the two middle-schoolers that were cutting, in the most dangerous way possible, carrots into what was supposed to be sticks. 


    "Junho….is there usually lettuce in the tteobokki?I was sure that it was spinach."

    "No idiot, there is lettuce in it. Do you not pay attention to what you eat?"

    "...Oh god…"sighed Mina


    Kami's friend was watching them from the kitchen's island, her face becoming whiter by the second as the two teens argued over the ingredients.

    Kami would have liked to help them but was probably worth than both of the tall babies combined at cooking.


    "Let me help-" pleaded Mina who was worried that one of them would lose a finger.

    "Go rest! We have everything under control!" said Junho before the knife fell out of his hand, landing a few inch away from Yujin's feet."...Oops."

    "....That's it you two go sit." scolded Mina .


    Kami looked over at the teenagers that were dragging their feet on the wooden floor before sitting down by the low table of the living room.

    The blonde girl could have sworn that two beaten puppies were in front of her.


    "I told you that you should have let her cook from the beginning." smiled Kami before patting their heads.

    "We wanted to help…"said Yujin

    "Well in this case I think that doing nothing is helping her." explained Kami before standing up   and going to see Mina.


    Kami heard the two teen argue over who was the better cook. 


    "Mina. What can I do?" asked Kami leaning against the fridge.

    "Go look after the kids. They are walking disasters."

    "They'll be fine, but will you?"


    Mina stopped chopping onions and looked at her friend with her usual smile back on her lips.

    Kami knew her friend's coping mechanisms to a perfection, how she thought that smiling would end up making her happier when it just helped her crumble from the inside.


    "Why wouldn't I?" 

    "You wouldn't come out of your room yesterday and now you are out and planning a party. That is not normal." 

    " I wanted to make something up for worrying all of you."

    "You don't have to. We don't worry about you expecting something in exchange." explained Kami with a sad gaze in her eyes. "I find it even a bit painful that you always act as if we stay with you because we want something out of you."

    "...Sorry" sighed Mina "I….I just need to occupy my mind, I don't want to think about him." 


    Kami was the only one who knew the details of that afternoon and had been shocked to hear how similar the situation had been to when she was dating Seongwu, everything made sense.

    Kami should have been more than angry at them and so should have Mina but instead the two of them were caught in a weird emotion and situation, they felt sorry for the two boys.

    They weren't sure what to think about all of this, mostly because Mina hadn't gotten to talk to him after the incident.

    Kami thought about all the times Seongwu had silently rolled out of her bed without even saying a word, as if ashamed to see her face in the morning. This too made sense.


    "...I know. Let's have fun then." smiled Kami before taking the plates and chopsticks out of the cupboards, she had to get rid of the bad thoughts.


    The doorbell rang and Junho opened the door to his cousin that rushed passed him to see Mina who was stirring a pot of curry and hugged her.


    "Why so much affection all of a sudden?" asked Mina.

    "...I'm sorry….I should have killed the jerk earlier." apologized Minju 

    "For what? You want to go to prison that much?"  laughed the brunette.

    "It's not funny. I knew that he wasn't good for you." 

    "...Let's not talk about that today ok?"


    "Go wait with the others, I don't need you to wreck the kitchen."


    Kami eyed the pink-haired girl join Little Junho and noticed how red the cheeks of Yujin were.

    She couldn't help but smile.


    "Yujin! Nice to see you again!" said Minju with a smile before handing her a few colorful pens with cute puppies on them that had been in her bag. "I saw them today and thought they would be perfect for you!"


    Yujin took the pens with both her hands as if she was receiving the Saint Graal itself.


    "Minju is being weird again~" said Junho in the tune he and his sister had created for all the times their cousin acted in a peculiar way.

    "...Is it weird? Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable…" apologized Minju eyeing her new purchases.

    "It isn't weird,it is perfect!!! I like it a lot!!" exclaimed Yujin a little bit too loud.


    Mina seemed to caught on what was going and exchanged a knowing smile with Kami.


    "That's a relief,I like pens." said a slightly blushing and embarrassed Minju.

    "That's an understatement….Your bedroom is like a pen store, you have enough for multiple life times." said Junho.

    "Well at least they are pretty. You have no style Junho." defended Yujin.


    A betrayed look appeared on Little Junho's face.


    "I have a great style..!" 

    "You love basic colors and designs." simply added Yujin, raising her shoulders. 

    "Basic is classy, basic goes with everything." 

    "That's what someone with no sense of fashion would say." finished Yujin.

    Kami sat back on the couch and relaxed.

    Kami had spent the majority of her years abroad, homeschooled and was the sole child of a strict family. The blonde girl had moved alone to South Korea to attend high school and liked spending time over at Mina's house where she felt at home.

    She liked how loud her family could get, it was always better than an empty home with no one to welcome her back.

    This loneliness had been a great factor to her disastrous relationship with Seongwu, she had thrown herself at him just to fill the void in her heart. She sought love, she always did.


    "Aren't you supposed to be on my side Yujin?"

    "I am on the side of whoever gives me presents."



    The bell rang again and this time Mina was the one to go open up the door.


    "Yohan! Come in-"started the young girl before noticing the figure standing behind him.


    Kami blinked a few times.

    Yohan slipped by her side and rushed towards Minju.



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    Jeudi 30 Janvier 2020 à 20:11

    Houla les petits qui manquent de se tuer...... Kami pire que eux wsh quand même pas c'est quoi ça :(

    Minju qui est weird ça m'a fait penser à ça https://youtu.be/rfFgMCwK6EQ

    Yujin is gay panick, gay panick is Yujin

    En plus tout le monde le devine gdhjsd Bébé Junho qui tient la chandelle sans le savoir le pauvre

    Par contre j'espère que Yohan va venir quand même wsh :( Junho a besoin de son bff

    Myungsoo qui s'incruste trankilou sans prévenir #génance3000

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    Must protect Yuho
    Jeudi 30 Janvier 2020 à 20:17
    C'est discutable.

    C'est fait expres :)

    Yujin is very gay panicking

    Envoyez de l'aide pour Junho la chandelle

    tkt tu verras pour soo
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