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    "Junho…." called out Yujin to a still annoyed Junho 


    Nothing but the growlings and distant screams.

    Her friend stayed quiet.


    "We are in a freaking apocalypse...Are you really going to be mad at me?"asked the girl, crossing her arms across her chest."What if I die? You'll regret it."

    "Yes. And I thought that you were ready to die?"


    Junho was stubborn, he always was.

    Yujin pouted.


    "Why are you angry?"

    "Because you are so dumb that my brain is hurting."

    "Oh? You have one?-" started Yujin before seeing that he wasn't in a mood to joke.


    Junho sighed again, running a hand in his hair.

    Yujin was feeling especially strange and uncomfortable in a way in that moment.

    Junho looked cool and she wasn't used to it.

    Junho was supposed to be the one relying on her and not the contrary.

    Junho was supposed to be shy with others and playful with her but he wasn't.

    He was serious and this new look looked good on him.


    "I do but not you. Have you even thought about what your parents would feel if you died?" 


    "Well...Who's the one without a brain then?"


    Her parents...She liked them, they had always been good to her,had always cared for her and she was thankful for everything they had ever provided for her.

    But she was alone apart from them, she had no siblings or cousins, no uncles or aunts and grandparents left alive. She was the sole recipient of her parent's overbearing and suffocating love.

    Yujin thought of herself as a low-maintenance  daughter, she liked simple things, she liked to be free.

    Her parents struggled to get her and her way of life, always seeking to change her into the ideal daughter they had hoped to have, a girl just like Minju.

    A rose without a thorn, a perfect doll they could leave in their "perfect" home.

    But Yujin wasn't like that at all, and only Junho understood her.

    Maybe it was why she had fallen for Minju ,because she was a perfect girl that finally illustrated the dream that her parents had always imposed onto her.

    She was the long-sought  image that had previously been a simple shadow in her mind.

    Maybe it had been the Yujin, always respectful and filial to her parents that had loved the pink-haired high schooler. 

    Not the real her.

    It made sense, she knew nothing about her after all and her heart didn't hurt her anymore.

    She was alright.


    "Are you ok?" asked Junho who had gotten closer without her even noticing.


    Yujin shook her head.

    Junho had been right, it had been nothing but a unrequited fling, a crush that had lasted less than a cherry blossom's petal's life.

    She had been a kid in love for a short time.

    Could she even call it love?


    "...You are right Junho, maybe I am an idiot indeed." admitted Yujin, wiping away a tear from her cheek.

    "Uh…? S..Sorry I was just joking…You aren't an idiot.." panicked Junho


    She had nothing, no one  to hang on, her parents were probably dead and Minju was away with someone that she loved.

    It was funny to think that for all this time she had gotten mad at Junho for not making new friends when he was surrounded by more people than her.

    She was lost and full of regrets.

    She should have told her parents that she loved them, she should have confessed to Minju, she should have opened herself to more people.


    "...I'm scared Junho."confessed Yujin, lightly tugging at his shirt. "I don't want to die…" cried the girl in a broken voice.

    "...I won't let you die." swore the once so little Junho, taking her hand in his.

    "Aren't you scared?"

    "I am. I am scared to death." confessed Junho " But it's normal.We need to be scared to survive."

    "I want to be stronger." whispered Yujin


    Junho lightly laughed and wiped her tears away.


    "You already are, do you remember all the bruises you gave me?"

    "I was not speaking of that kind of strength…"


    Junho intertwined their fingers.


    "...You don't have to."



    Junho smiled, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb.


    "Because no matter how tall we get and how we act…." started the boy "...We still are kids."



    They were two kids locked in a storage room waiting to be saved, hand in hand, shivering.

    Yujin finally noticed how much Junho's fingers were shaking.

    He was trying his best not to scare her.




    A roar, a visceral scream.


    "Hush…" smiled Junho slightly tensing up as someone, something started banging against the locked door. "Look at me and don't listen to them." asked Junho before covering her ears with his hands.


    The room was dark, only lighted by the rare moonlight rays coming from the small window at the top of the wall behind them.

    Junho gently leaned towards her, resting her forehead against hers.

    His hands were warm and so were his eyes filled with fear and worries.

    Yujin noticed how he was now towering over her with his height and large shoulders, how he was slowly losing his baby-like features.

    She wondered if he appeared different to her that night because they were maybe contaminated and slowly turning into one of them, because they were maybe going to die in there without ever being found, because it felt like there was only the two of them left alone in the world.

    Yujin slowly caressed the hands covering her ears and felt Junho shiver at the cold touch of her skin.

    Everything was silent and calm, she could have almost fallen asleep if not for the climbing and visible tension in his neck.

    She could tell from his reaction, even though not able to hear it, that the banging was growing louder with each hit.

    She could feel the powerful hits through the wall she was resting against.


    "Junho…"called out Yujin, as her friend nervously looked over his shoulder at the shaking door that would soon break open.


    If they were going to die, she wanted it to be while looking at his eyes.


    <<Yes..?>> managed to read the girl on his lips


    This was a sad end, not the one she had expected for the both of them.

    But she wasn't mad or annoyed by it.

    Because thanks to it she had realized that she hadn't been alone for a long time, that her friend had always been by her side when she had needed a shoulder to cry on, from the beginning until the end.

    He was her one and only  friend, he was her family.

    Yujin's eyes got teary once again, she was happy even though the fear was slowly eating at her stomach.


    "Thank you for being my friend." thanked Yujin.


    <<Can you hear me…?>> read the girl on his lips.


    Yujin didn't reply.

    Junho deeply breathed in.


    <<I love you.>>


    The door broke open.

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