• First Date

    First Date

    Minju was excited and had barely slept .

    Yohan had asked her out on a evening date the day before as they were walking back from school.

    The young girl had spent a full hour trying on her cousin's clothes.


    "..Don't you have your own clothes ?" asked the older girl, eyeing her with a tired smile.

    "You have more dresses and skirts than me!!"

    "But still-"

    "I'll also need your makeup and perfume…..The expensive one." begged Minju, fluttering her eyelashes."Please?"


    Mina laughed and plugged in the hair curler to heat it.


    "Alright,but don't spill anything on my clothes ok?"

    "Thank you~"


    Minju laid out a long floral dress on the bed before digging deeper into her cousin's closet.


    "...This…" whispered Minju,taking a pretty but casual flowy spring dress, the same color as her hair.

    "I bought it for a date with Minhyun but never got to wear it,you can have it if you want."


    "I'm fine, I have to let go now." smiled Mina.


    Minju hugged her cousin.

    The girl knew how strong she was but hated not being able to help her.

    She had been like an older sister and second mother to her since their youngest age since her parents were always busy.


    "I'm sorry…"

    "For what?"

    "For starting dating when you just broke up."


    Mina laughed and smiled at her.


    "No it's great, I am happy for you and Yohan. You are good for one another."

    "You think so..?"

    "You are perfect together, you always have been."


    Minju smiled.


    "Then I'll take it, I'll take the dress!We can't just let it rot in your closet."

    "Good choice, it will suit you well." 


    After getting her makeup and hair done by Mina, Minju stood up and eyed herself in the mirror.


    "You look amazing. Yohan will fall in love all over again~" said Mina, proud of her work.


    "Of course, you are stunning."


    Minju quickly put on her shoes and eyed her cousin in the lonely apartment. 

    Junho was out and about with Yujin, probably up to some mischief and Kami was busy with some school projects.

    She was alone.


    "Will you be alright? You should call someone over." 

    "Don't worry about me and go have fun~"


    "...But not too much fun alright~?" winked Mina at a scarlet Minju who quickly left the loft after saying goodbye.


    Minju walked down the stairs, remembering her cousin's words.

    She had thought about going farther than kissing with Yohan, she had for a while.

    She wondered if he had too and wondered how it would go.

    What if she disappointed him? What if he hated doing it with her? She had heard some pretty awful first time stories and was scared that hers would be too.

    Yohan stood before her, a flight of stairs away.

    Her boyfriend had also put some effort into his appearance, wearing a carefully ironed white shirt and tailored black trousers.


    "Hello gorgeous." called Yohan with his usual flirty smile that she loved.


    Minju blushed even more and ran to him, landing into his arms before lovingly kissing him.

    She never wanted to leave him.


    "Hi…" whispered Minju against his lips with a smile. " You are not so bad yourself." 

    "That's all I get~?"

    "Hmm it depends~"

    "On what?" smiled Yohan, eskimo kissing her as he placed his hands on her waist.

    "On where you are bringing me tonight."


    Yohan laughed and took her hand.


    "Shall we go then?"



    Yohan led her through small streets to a small but pretty restaurant lighted by small dim light bulbs.

    Minju walked to the blooming cherry blossom tree and eyed it with stars in her eyes.


    "Cherry blossoms!! So early in the year!!"

    "I thought you would like it." smiled Yohan, back-hugging her.

    "I love it." honestly answered Minju, caressing his face.


    Yohan stole her lips and dragged her to the small and empty restaurant's rooftop.


    "Is it closed…? Why is there no one but us?" asked a confused Minju.

    "I rented the roof for us tonight."


    A small defeated smile appeared on her lips. 

    Yohan would always spend too much for her instead of spending his money for himself.


    "You didn't have to.." said Minju as a waiter brought them non-alcoholic drinks.

    "I wanted to…"


    Yohan paused.


    "Because…" started a slowly blushing Yohan." I intended on confessing to you here, not under the sheets of your cousin's apartment."


    Yohan scratched his head.


    "I wanted the moment to be unique and romantic. The cumulting point of years of love towards you."

    "It was already the case for me...I will always remember it."


    Minju stood up and sat on his lap on the large bean bag seat he was on.


    "I wanted something perfect for you…"

    "You are enough Yohan, I don't want anything else, I just need your love." eyesmiled Minju.


    Minju laid her forehead against his.


    "I don't need expensive dinners, beautiful clothes and luxurious objects to be happy,I need you and only you." confessed Minju. " Because being with you is the best thing I have ever felt in all of my short life."

    "Me too…"


    Yohan played with her hair strands and kissed the tip of her nose.


    "Then...You don't want these?"asked the boy, taking shining earrings out of a small velour box.

    "Oh thank you!They are lovely, of course I want them. "said Minju,kissing his cheek. "But why?"


    Yohan hummed and looked at the starless sky only lighted by his lover's presence.


    "I want us to last,I don't want us to break up….People always say that first loves never have a happy ending and I want to prove everyone wrong."


    Yohan kissed her.


    "I want to show the whole world that we were meant for one another and these are my promises to you that I will always be yours no matter what."


    Minju blushed and stole another kiss from him.


    "That sounds a lot like wedding vows to me…."

    "Would you like that?Should we run away and get married?" joked Yohan, kissing her hand. 


    Minju hushed him with a finger while giggling.


    "We are too young to be talking about that and I want us to end up like Romeo and Juliet. Let us be teenagers in love for a while…"

    "That's also fine by me." smiled Yohan.


  • Commentaires

    Samedi 15 Février 2020 à 17:32

    Ils sont tellement innocents damn mais du coup j'espère pour eux que ça va tenir mais en même temps je pense à ma Yujin et je veux qu'elle soit heureuse :((((( stop me confuser stp

    Yohan il faut qu'il se calme il a 16 ans il se prend pour un adulte là c'est quoi ça il va faire peur à Minju son amour est un peu trop envahissant 


    J'attends mon Woomi moi au fait ils sont où 

    Samedi 15 Février 2020 à 17:34
    Yujin will be fine tkt

    Bah il est fou amoureux de Minju (et comment resister en meme temps)

    C'est genetique maybe je sais pas :'D

    tkt pas ils vont arriver
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