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    Yunseong had underestimated Wooseok's ability to adapt to new environments.

    The boy had imagined that his friend would go around silently, unsurely eyeing his surroundings but Yunseong was too far away from the truth.

    Wooseok had been a social butterfly waiting to come out of his cocoon and that was now going up to people, talking to them as if he was the most extroverted person this world had ever seen.

    Maybe he had been wrong, maybe Wooseok didn't really need his help.


    "I want to get my ears pierced."said Wooseok, slurping his strawberry smoothie.


    Yunseong coughed on his drink and eyed him with worry.

    This was not expected, none of this was.

    Wooseok was supposed to be calm and discreet.



    "I want earrings." 

    "You can get some clip earrings-"

    "No,I want the real deal."


    Yunseong thought that he may have freed a monster. Where was the silent Wooseok with whom he had shared his kimbaps? 



    "I don't know. It's impulsive and I never am impulsive."

    "..That's especially why you should think about it again."

    "No. I want to leave a trace of my new found freedom." 

    "On your body…?"



    Yunseong sighed, at least he didn't want a tattoo.


    "Alright, let's go." 

    "Do you know a shop?"

    "Yeah I was there when Yohan got his piercings done." said Yunseong ,drinking the last drop of his shake before standing up and bringing the empty glass to the counter.


    Wooseok smiled, mirroring his action before running to his side and taking his hand again.

    Yunseong blinked a few times.

    He had taken his hand in order not to lose him in the subway but Wooseok hadn't let go of his until they had reached the coffee shop.

    Yunseong had wondered if it was due to him not knowing the place or just because he had forgotten about it.

    It didn't bother him, his hand was warm and the weather was still cold outside.


    "I like it here. " said Wooseok with the biggest smile on his lips. " I feel alive."

    "Well...If you felt dead here I would be worried about you." laughed Yunseong. "Everyone likes this place."

    "Will we go to clubs in the evening?" asked an ever so happy Wooseok.


    Yunseong could almost hear Minhyun scream a big "no"  in the horizon and could imagine Yohan's cousin punish them until the end of times if they ever got caught.


    "...No…? We are minors."


    Wooseok stopped and eyed him with surprise.


    "...You have never been there?"



    Wooseok scratched his head.


    "Have you ever consumed alcohol then…?"

    "Half a glass?"




    Wooseok gasped, lowered his voice and whispered.




    A laugh escaped an amused but defeated Yunseong's lips. 


    "No. Why would you even think that? I am not a criminal."

    "...Oh." replied a blushing and embarassed Wooseok. "I thought that since you like this place..uh..you…" 

    "Tend to play around often?" asked Yunseong, smiling.


    "I don't. I come here to dance." 


    Wooseok seemed to remember the young people dancing on the main street they had passed by an hour ago.


    "Like the guys from before…?"

    "Yeah...But less often now. I used to come a lot with Seongwu." 

    "That's nice." smiled Wooseok.


    Yunseong stared at the pavement, thinking of the time before Seongwu fell in love with Minhyun. They would spend their whole weekends dancing into the night, until their bodies were exhausted.

    They would get drunk on the people's ovations.

    He missed it, the rush that came with performing.

    His life was emptier now, more mundane.

    But there was Wooseok, and being with Wooseok made his existence less boring.


    "...Let's go dance then." said Wooseok, dragging him into the streets.

    "Wait- You know how to dance? What about the earrings?"


    Wooseok slowed down and laughed.


    "I came to our school because I love dancing. I came for the dance program." smiled the boy. " And the earrings can wait."


    Wooseok stopped in front of street dancers and watched them for a while until a man asked people from the audience to join them.


    "Here!"  shouted Wooseok, waving his hand at the MC. "The two of us!" added the teenager, pointing his finger at his friend and himself.

    "Come to the center~"


    Yunseong hesitated, it had been a long time since he had last performed, what if he was not as good as before?

    Yunseong watched his little friend introduce them, still not letting go of his hand that he had been nervously clenching.


    "You'll be fine." whispered Wooseok in his ear as the music started .


    His hand slept away from his and suddenly Yunseong felt empty.

    Wooseok started dancing and invited him to do so too.

    His friend's steps were less precise than his but didn't lack energy, he had practiced a lot and he could see it.

    Soon, Yunseong let the music take over his body and started dancing effortlessly, not taking his eyes off his friend.

    Wooseok was breathtaking  in his oversized 

    (really oversized) black outfit.

    Well he had always been beautiful in his eyes but never this much.

    There was something that made him shine more in that instant.

    Maybe it was because they were in Hongdae, because all those people were cheering for them or because he looked different than usual.

    But one thing for sure was that he shined way brighter than everyone else. 


    "Wow! That was amazing guys!" shouted the MC as the public clapped.

    "Thank you!" said the smaller boy.


    Wooseok turned around and smiled at Yunseong who's cheeks were burning.


    "...Let's go." said Yunseong as he grabbed his hand once again.



    Yunseong wanted to steal him away and regretted ever bringing him out there.

    Was it selfish of him to want be the only one to see him shine? It probably was and he knew it.

    But he wanted this day to be to the two of them.

    Yunseong brought Wooseok to a calm park, away from all of the noise.


    "Where are we?" asked Wooseok.

    "I don't know...I just needed a break."

    "Alright. A break it is then."


    Wooseok laid down on a bench, looking up at the dark sky.


    "There are no stars here…" said Wooseok in a whisper.

    "Yeah..That's the only thing that I don't like about the city." replied Yunseong, laying down on the opposite bench. 


    The night was cold, maybe too cold for them to still be outside but it didn't matter to Yunseong, he liked it.

    He liked the numbness that came with it.

    It calmed the fire in his cheeks.


    "Thank you Yunseong." said Wooseok, looking at him.

    "For what?"

    "For this…For today." 


    Wooseok stood up and walked over to him, kneeling beside him.


    " Thank you…" smiled Wooseok.


    Yunseong couldn't take his eyes off of him.

    And that's when he understood that he wasn't feeling hot just because he had danced.

    He knew that it was something different, something more special.

    That's when he understood that he was crushing on Kim Wooseok.

    Not a girl from his class or a beautiful stranger, Kim Wooseok.

    He liked Kim Wooseok out of all the persons in this world.


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    Dimanche 9 Février 2020 à 18:24

    D'où tu oses dire que c'est de la merde????????????? C'est méga choupi hfdshfksd

    Wooseok hyper random j'espère qu'il se fera quand même percer les oreilles

    Ah on est deux à penser que Yun fait bad boy avec comment il a agis :'D

    Wooseok danseur wow c'est rare vu que c'est plus un vocalist mais j'approuve 

    Yunseong qui crush en le voyant danser c'est accurate par contre hihi par contre petit te met pas à fuir tes sentiments et tout hein immite pas les plus grands faut pas

    Yun qui crush en 2 jours en même temps qui ne crusherait pas sur Wooseok..........

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