• Long Night

    Long Night

    Yohan had sobered up and struggled to sleep.

    He may have been drunk and Minju too but her words were still engraved in his memory.

    Were they truthful or were they just splurt out in a moment of ecstasy?

    Yohan opened his eyes to see Junho fast asleep against him and tucked him in before laying on his back.

    The two middle-schoolers had been the first to sleep as expected, but he too wasn't the best drinker there was.

    He could not judge them.


    "Minju?" whispered Yohan."Are you awake…?"


    Yohan felt a finger poke him on the arm under the blankets.

    The boy slipped under the covers, falling face to face with a smiling and blushing Minju a few centimeters away from his face.

    The rare loose stitches of the blanket let the moonlight pass through it, transforming the fabric into a starry night sky above them.

    Yohan struggled to understand if she was really shining in that instant or if it was that peculiar time of night where things seemed ethereal that played with his mind.

    But regardless of the magical airs of the late hours, she was always breathtakingly beautiful.

    So beautiful that he had been convinced as a child that she was an angel.


    "Hey." said Minju in the quietest way possible.

    "Hey you…" replied Yohan in the same way "Why aren't you sleeping?" 

    "I am too happy!" giggle Minju,burying her face in his chest. 

    "Are you still drunk?" smiled Yohan,running his hand through her hair.

    "Maybe I am or maybe not."said Minju, looking up at him.


    Yohan wondered if he could tell her.

    He wondered if he could tell her that he had always loved her since they were children. 

    That he had spent most of his life dreading the day she would fall in love and leave him.

    There was a whole world outside of the warm covers waiting for her and Yohan was not sure that he would always be a part of it.

    Maybe she would forget everything in the morning if he told her?


    "So you are drunk…"sadly smiled Yohan, hoping that she would not see the expression he was making.

    "Would you like it if I wasn't?" 

    "...I don't know." 


    Minju caressed his cheek.


    "...I missed this. Having sleepovers with you...Talking all night long with you…"

    "I don't even remember when we stopped or why…"

    "We just grew up I guess…" whispered Minju with a sadness in her voice.


    Both of them, as children, had sworn to never leave each other no matter where life brought them. Promises that had slowly started to fade as they aged.

    Promises that he could now imagine would be broken one day when they would leave for college, when they would find a job, when they would get married and have children of their own...

    There was so many stages to life that they would probably not fill out together.


    "Do you remember when we used to play with Myungsoo and Mina?" asked Minju 

    "Of course...We liked to annoy  them by running away and hiding in bushes." laughed Yohan "We were quite mean to them in that way.."

    "But that was the good times...After Myungsoo left, everything changed...Even we changed." sighed Minju who didn't look so drunk anymore.

    "I don't think so…? You still are the same beautiful, funny and sometimes scary girl I met in kindergarten." said Yohan, smiling at her.

    "...You see. That's what I meant. You changed." whispered Minju, closing her eyes.


    Yohan blinked a few times.

    He still felt the same as before.

    He was still the same energetic and fun guy she had met as a child wasn't he? 

    Minju took a deep breath.


    "The way you look at me changed. The way you smile at me, the way you hug me, the way you run your fingers through my hair...Everything." explained Minju


    Yohan almost cursed.

    She knew.

    And suddenly Yohan felt stupid for ever thinking that he would be able to hid it from her.

    Minju was the person that knew him the best in this world, she knew him better than his own parents.


    "I am not stupid Yohan. I know why you still haven't dated someone after all these years even though most girls pray to date someone just like you. I know why." slightly added Minju burying herself further against him.

    "Then why not say something…?"

    "Because I am scared...I am scared of losing you…"

    "That will never happen."

    "...How can you be so sure?"

    "I am sure because I only see you. You and your flamboyant pink hair. You are my spring and joy….Everything is pale and grey without you by my side." confessed Yohan. "You are like air to me, I need you to survive."


    Yohan felt hot but relieved to finally tell her his feelings.

    Anxiety built up in him as she stayed silent.

    Was she shocked? Was she angry at him for maybe ruining their friendship?


    "...And you? How do you see me?" asked Yohan bringing her face to his,stopping at a single inch away from her lips.


    Yohan felt her legs intertwine with his.


    "It's hard to say or explain…but.."


    Minju kissed his fingers one by one.

    She then went on to kiss his forehead,cheeks,jaw and neck. Her breath becoming more tense between each one of them as his heart raced.


    "... I love you like this." finally whispered the girl before kissing the corner of his mouth.


    Was he dreaming? Was he still drunk?


    "...Am I dreaming?"

    "You are not.." smiled Minju with the prettiest smile on her lips

    "Am I crazy? Am I imagining you?" asked Yohan as his hands traveled to her waist. 


    "Then prove it to me."


    Minju giggled and pecked him as she rolled over him.


    "There...I am real…" smiled Minju,cupping his face in his hands. "We..This is real." 


    Yohan pulled her into a kiss,putting himself over her without interrupting this magic moment,their very first kiss.

    He wanted to hug her forever,to forever hear her laugh and smell her scent that reminded him of nothing but joyful memories. 

    Yohan felt her embrace their kiss as her lips moved against his and as her hands held on his shirt.

    She was is and he was hers.


    "I love you like this…"smiled Yohan before stealing her lips again, rosy lips that he had sought for years " I've always loved you like this."


    She still was his angel after all.

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    Vendredi 31 Janvier 2020 à 20:34
    WHAT A POWERFUL COUPLE Mais ma Yujin ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :( J'espère qu'ils sont vraiment amoureux et que ça va durer!!!!
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