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    Woohyun woke up in a foreign place, feeling a weight on his chest.

    A weight that happened to be a sleeping Kami.

    Woohyun sighed and let his head fall back on the cushion.

    A mistake.

    A beautiful mistake.

    Woohyun didn't regret their night, he had loved every second of it.

    Her voice screaming his name, her moans, her fingers on his body, the way she would bite his lips...He had liked all of it but couldn't help but think about what was to come next.

    Awkwardness, lack of comfort and silence.

    Woohyun liked flings of a single night, he liked the fact that he could enjoy himself without ever tying himself with someone else ,but hated the discussions that came after them.

    Woohyun ran his fingers on her naked skin, starting from her cheek,down her white neck to her breasts.

    A scar, a small one.

    Woohyun continued his way down her body, reaching her waist where another small circular  and similar scar awaited him.




    Woohyun's fingers reached her thighs, covered in multiple scars, this time a mix of circles and lines.

    Woohyun immediately knew what these were, awful traces left by cigarettes and shaving blades.

    The boy wondered what had led her to cut herself, was it the person who had burnt her skin?Or was it because of something else?


    "Hmm…" moaned Kami as she slowly woke up.


    Woohyun eyed her half-opened blue eyes, oceans where he had drowned himself the night before.


    "...Good morning." said Woohyun, gripping her waist and bringing her closer to him.

    "Hi….What time is it…?" asked the young woman, burying her face against his chest.

    "Hmm...I'm not sure...But we don't have class today."



    A little smile appeared on his lips.



    "You're comfortable. I like your chest."

    "Thanks…?" laughed the young man, fingers tracing her scars.

    "...So you saw them." said Kami after freezing for a few seconds.


    Woohyun lost his smile.



    "...Are you going to ask me why I have them?"

    "No. Not unless you want to talk about it."


    A smile finally graced her face.

    A beautiful, relieved smile.


    "I like this about you." stated Kami


    "The fact that even if you are curious, you don't bother others." 

    "How do you know that I am curious?" 

    "It's written all over your face~" laughed Kami, sitting up and stretching.

    "You're leaving?" asked Woohyun, slightly disappointed.

    "...Leaving?" started Kami,amused. "...This is my apartment." 

    "..Oh?....oh." said Woohyun before laughing."Sorry."

    "If you are sorry…"


    Kami straddled him and kissed him.


    "Cook for me."


    "It's your fee for staying here last night." 


    Woohyun grabbed her waist and slowly massaged it. He liked this.

    No adult to worry about, no school,just a peaceful and sunny morning with a beautiful girl.

    It was just as if it had never rained.

    Life was great again.


    "I didn't know that I had to pay… I thought that you were satisfied enough with last night's….events." smirked the young man

    "Hmmm maybe I was? Or maybe I wasn't." 

    "Liar." replied Woohyun,kissing her nose and lips."What do you want to eat?"

    "Anything. I'm starving~"


    Woohyun stood up and started looking for his clothes, feeling the piercing gaze of the young woman on his back (and bottom).


    "What~?" asked Woohyun looking back at the girl who was staring at him while resting her head on her hands.

    "We should have left the lights on, I like what I am seeing." said Kami, eyeing his body.


    Woohyun blushed and covered himself with his pants.

    There was something about her azur eyes that made him feel naked (well, even more naked than he already was).


    "I didn't know that you were a pervert miss…" 

    "And I didn't know that you were so shy mister Nam."

    "I'm not-"

    "You're red~" 


    "Let's do this again another time."


    There it was, the moment he hated.

    What if she asked him to date her like the other girls had? 


    "A mistake. Let's make another one later." smiled Kami.

    "...I don't date."


    The young woman arched an eyebrow.


    " Me too. But we can enjoy each other's company sometimes right?"


    A weight came off his chest.

    She was indeed different.



    "Perfect." stated Kami before wrapping herself in her white sheets. " Now go cook~"

    "Yes~" laughed a now half-clothed Woohyun. "Can you turn the TV on? I missed a soccer match yesterday because of you and I want to see the results~"

    "Gnagnagna because of me gnagnagna you didn't stop either." said Kami, standing up and walking to her couch like a penguin before turning the TV on.


    Woohyun almost laughed, she was just too cute with her messy hair and pouting face.


    "Uh? What's that?" said Kami, frowning.


    "Come and look."


    Woohyun sat next to her and raised the TV's volume.


    <<New disease spreading in the south, citizens are advised to stay at home until further notice.>>


    "Again? I just feel like they announce new diseases every weeks at this point?" sighed Woohyun, resting his head on her lap.


    <<Contaminated people are described as violent and drooling, please call 119 if you ever come across a possible patient and don't engage with them.>>


    "Violent…? Well, should we call the police on all the school bullies then?" laughed Kami.

    "And on you- My body is still hurting-" whined Woohyun before she pinched him.


    <<The new disease is said to have probably mutated from the unidentified disease that spread in China a few months ago.>>


    "Do you think they'll cancel school?" asked Kami

    "I hope they do, that would be great." replied Woohyun,playing with her hair.


    "We could hang out together, have fun." smiled Woohyun "More than we already are."

    "Have fun in the bed you mean."

    "Yes." smirked Woohyun


    Kami kissed him.


    "Who's the pervert now uh?"

    "Both of us." eyesmiled the boy.


    Woohyun stood up and stretched once again.


    "Fried rice?"

    "Fried rice."

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    Dimanche 23 Février 2020 à 13:04

    They cute cute cute

    Le corona virus a lvl up :'D Hâte de voir la suite

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