• Mistakes



    Kami was walking the dark streets for no particular reason, ignoring her mother's words, that had warned her over the phone that it was dangerous for a young girl to be alone outside at that time of night.

    It was raining and she had forgotten her umbrella, a simple mistake that didn't bother her like many things in life.

    Kami liked taking risks, she liked the rush of adrenaline that came with it. 

    And what if she got attacked? Well she did not really care and she knew how to protect herself anyway.

    She didn't expect a lot out of life and only sought a straight and regular path.

    She did not expect fortune, fame or even a burning love story.

    To be truthful, she almost did not believe in love at all.


    "Kami?" called a familiar voice behind her.


    Kami slowed down,looked back and caught sight of Woohyun, their school's vice president leaning against a wall, cigarette in mouth.

    His overall look was quite different from what she had imagined he would wear outside of school.

    The black leather jacket slightly too big for his frame suited him.


    "Woohyun." replied Kami.


    Kami hadn't thought a lot about the boy, they both were on the student council and saw each other at least every thursday and friday afternoons for school related work, never exchanging more than a few words.

    Woohyun was handsome, not the same kind of handsome as Myungsoo, Minhyun or Seongwu.

    He was the kind of handsome that wasn't a burden, the kind of handsome she could appreciate as the normal person she wanted to be. 


    "It's late, what are you doing here?" asked Woohyun.

    "Taking a stroll."

    "Under the rain?"



    Woohyun eyed her and let a big smoke cloud out of his parted lips.


    "Do you want one?" asked Woohyun, handing her a cigarette.



    A reminder of her old life abroad, a wild and awful life she wanted to forget.

    Decadence, alcohol and smoking.

    Violence, regrets and bullying.

    Love, broken hearts and ruined dreams. 

    She still liked the risk though and that was partially why she chose to live normally, to appreciate these small sins that reminded her of the other person she had once been.


    "...Why not." replied the girl, taking it between her lips. "Do you have a lighter?"

    "Nop, borrowed it from a guy."



    Kami came closer and tip toed until the tip of his cigarette touched hers, staying like this until the fire caught on.

    It was her first time seeing him up this close.



    "Not your first one I guess." said Woohyun, running a hand through his dripping wet hair.

    "Bingo." simply replied Kami, leaning against the wall by his side.


    Kami coughed a bit, she was not used to the bitter and terrible taste anymore.


    "I didn't think you were the smoking type, you were more of a goody two-shoes in my eyes."

    "I am. Or at least I try to be." said Kami. " And I can say the same of you, that's not very vice-president like of you to be smoking."


    Woohyun raised his shoulders, he didn't care.


    " So...You like being a good girl at school?"

    "...I like the idea of being normal. It's quite refreshing." 


    "Because everyone wants to be different or special and it is too tiring in my opinion." explained Kami, slowly getting used to the smoke again. " And  being normal is not bad either."

    "...But you like the rush sometimes right?"


    Kami eyed Woohyun.


    "The rush?"

    "The adrenaline every time you break laws."


    Maybe he was more interesting than what she had originally thought.

    There was a wildness in his eyes behind the gentle smiles and soothing voice.

    It was something she could not share with Mina even if she liked her a lot.


    "How do you know that?"


    Woohyun smiled and showed her the cigarette.


    "I'm doing the same."

    "....Because only living normally brings value to these small illegal actions." finished Kami.



    Woohyun eyed the dark and pouring sky.


    "Mistakes exist to be made and you learn from them. I'm just creating mistakes on purpose." explained the boy.

    "..You're weird."

    "So are you."


    Kami stared at her school mate, chaos suited him.

    He looked better wet and with messy hair than with his usual appearance.

    She found almost hypnotizing the way rain droplets rolled down his sharp nose before falling almost too dramatically to the ground.

    Kami saw his eyes stare at her now transparent t-shirt that unshamely shaped out her bra and its color. Traveling from her neck to her collarbones to her breast.

    She was not shy or self-conscious, she was who she was and didn't care about others' opinion apart from her close friends'.

    Woohyun wasn't a friend or a stranger.

    He was a passerby in a much too long life.

    His gaze was not important.


    "You'll catch a cold." said Woohyun, taking his leather jacket off of him and laying it on her shoulders.

    "..I'm fine."

    "If you say so."


    The jacket smelled of cologne, not the one for teenagers, the one for men.

    She liked how it blended with the smoke.

    Kami liked a lot of things about him that night.

    From his looks ,to his voice and even to his smell.

    She liked him maybe enough to act carelessly.


    "Give it back to me later." said the man.


    A strange mood.

    Maybe because she had been good for too long, maybe because her friends were too innocent as they enjoyed life, maybe because they all sought love in a loveless world.

    Or maybe because of the depressing weather.

    She wanted to step off the right path.




    "Are you free tonight?"


    Woohyun looked back as he was about to leave.

    The silence was heavy, only interrupted by the sound of the rain.




    Kami crushed her cigarette on the ground.


    "...I live alone nearby." stated almost robotically Kami ,not really thinking.


    The boy eyed her with those gorgeous eyes of his.


    "And we are both soaking wet."


    Kami stared at him, he was beautiful.


    "...Do you want to make another mistake?" 


    This was a mistake, a full-blown one.

    She barely knew him and he barely knew her.

    There was no feelings involved.

    It was a decision made on the spot.

    Woohyun walked over to her as she laid back against the wall.

    This was not how things should be.


    "...Do you?"


    This was probably madness in others' eyes, this was immoral. 

    This was wrong but she was thrilled.

    Drunk on the vice of it,drunk on the adrenaline.

    A rush, a pure and physical rush with an empty beating heart.

    Two lonely teenagers under the rain without nothing else to do or say.

    A common thought and similar mind.


    "I do." 


    A kiss initiated by him and wandering hands on her waist and chest.

    It was a mistake that she could not take back, a mistake that tasted like ash and smoke, a bitter tasting mistake that would not leave her mind for a while.

    A mistake that she knew she would not regret.

    A mistake that brought her euphoria.

  • Commentaires

    Mardi 18 Février 2020 à 20:50

    Pouaaah que c'est bien écris et pile dans un style qui ressemble au mien alors je suis: heureuse

    Ca me fait bcp penser à Cigarette tout ça 

    Par contre faut arrêter de coucher avec des gens comme ça Mina et Kami genre surtout avec un presque inconnu hein ça se fait moyen

    Littéralement "les gouttes rendent bien sur lui je veux baiser" :'D

    Je répète que j'aime beaucoup comment c'est écrit

    Ah oui je m'y attendais pas DU TOUT que les deux soient comme ça omg genre??? Ils se ressemblent vachement et je viens de remarquer que t'as tendance à les faire se ressembler tous les deux o:

    Mina le sait que Kami est comme ça??? Damn le choc sinon

    Att de savoir le passé de Kami pfiou ça a l'air d'être quelque chose

    Kami/Woohyun évitez de dire le prénom de quelqu'un d'autre une fois au lit merci

      • Whipped
        Mercredi 19 Février 2020 à 02:22
        omg la longueur de ce comm

        J'etais grave inspiree par ce chap , ca m'a frappe

        Mina et Kami vivent leur best life laisse les roh

        je voulais trop trop changer le woomi for once. Parce que je fais toujours Woohyun mega mega a fond et Kami qui balek donc pour une fois ils balek tout les deux :D

        Mina sait pas les details mais elle le sent que Kami est pas fully herself at school?

        Tkt pas
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