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    "Where are you going?" asked Minhyun to a Myungsoo that was looking through his now ex-girlfriend's cupboard.

    "I'm bringing back Junho, Minju and Yohan." answered the third year.

    "And Mina..?"


    Minhyun saw the school president stop for a moment. Face darkening, clenching his fists.


    "...She made me promise to bring them back first."

    "Are you stupid? What if something happened to her-"

    "...I respect her and her choice." replied Myungsoo with a bitter tinge in his voice. "...Unlike others." 


    Their eyes met and Minhyun could see how full of rage his were.



    "You know what I mean."


    Here it was, the judgement, the disgust and aversion. Here it was again.


    "..I may have hurt her but..I tried my best." only managed to say the teenager.

    "And you still did the worst thing possible to her."

    "That was not my intention…!"

    "Don't fight! It doesn't matter now does it? We have to go save them." interfered Seongwu. "That's what's important right now."


    Minhyun sighed.


    "Yes...Yes, you are right." 

    "Don't come you'll just slow me down." spat Myungsoo.

    "We won't, and you need someone to watch your back."

    "I can manage on my own." 

    "No you can't." coldly replied Minhyun, taking a metal bar out of the closet.


    "Take this." said Minhyun, handing him the bar before walking over to a drawer.


    Minhyun opened it and stared at the knives.


    "We can make a spear with that." stated Seongwu, looking over his shoulder. "If we put it at the end of the bar."

    "We'll need some thick tape…" mumbled Myungsoo.

    "I know where we can find some."



    Minhyun headed to a cupboard and opened it. 


    "Here. There are other tools and helpful things in there too."

    "How did you know where to find it…?"

    "I used to come here until not long ago." stated Minhyun, thinking about how Mina would bring him over to have late afternoon snacks with her. 



    Minhyun noticed the jealousy and regret in his eyes. He could see how much she meant to him and felt relieved that she had him to rely on.

    He knew that he wouldn't hurt her, unlike him.


    "There must be a dull bladed kendo sword in Junho's room." said Myungsoo as he taped a knife to the bar.

    "Why would he have that?" asked a confused Seongwu.

    "Because he used to learn kendo with Yohan before he stopped and started learning taekwondo."

    "I'll go get it then!" said Seongwu before running to Little Junho's room.


    Myungsoo looked up and eyed him as soon as he left.


    "So we are clear...I don't like you."

    "Yeah...I kind of knew that." replied Minhyun as he scratched his head. "It would be weird if you did like me."

    "… I'll have your back outside."


    "I will save you if you ever are in danger."


    Minhyun opened a drawer, taking pieces of clothes out of it.


    "I thought that you would simply throw me to the monsters as soon as you could." joked the fox-like boy, now looking for empty bottles and some alcohol. "Is there any alcohol here?"

    "Yes, on your right."


    Minhyun grabbed the bottle and eyed it.

    Mina's mother didn't really drink and neither did Mina. 


    "Wait...Why is there alcohol…?"


    Myungsoo slightly coughed to clear his throat.


    "...It's a long story." 

    "A party?"



    Minhyun smirked, so even the school president had flaws. Who would have thought that Kim Myungsoo, the always so serious student would illegally drink outside of school hours?


    "Ah and...I'm not a psychopath, I don't dislike you so much that I would kill you…" said the president. "Moreover, Mina would probably annihilate me if I ever did that." 

    "I doubt it. She must hate me." replied Minhyun, pouring a few ounces of alcohol in each bottle.


    Myungsoo finished taping the knife and raised an eyebrow.


    "She doesn't. Not even a little bit." 


    "I am not lying. I even told her that she could be mad at you but refused to do so."

    "...I see." replied Minhyun, biting down on his lip.


    He really was the worst, he had never deserved her.


    "What are you doing?" asked Myungsoo

    "Ah..Hm...Molotov cocktails?" said Minhyun, eyeing the bottles. "It might be useful."

    "Oh. Nice idea." 

    "Found it!" shouted a running Seongwu. "But it really is dull, we won't be able to use it."

    "You can use it to push them away." said Myungsoo

    "Or I could use a knife!"


    Myungsoo and Minhyun both looked at one another. Seongwu was famous for his lack of balance and poor physical abilities.

    Minhyun knew that he would probably fall and stab himself if left with one.


    "...No." said Minhyun,shaking his head. "You'll take the explosives."


    "Because you are a disaster." answered Myungsoo.

    "...You are mean. Both of you."


    Seongwu pouted and left for the living room where he started packing backpacks found in Junho's room.


    "When will we leave?"

    "At nightfall, when things calm down a little." 

    "Won't it be too late by then?"

    "No...The kids are safe for now."

    "Alright then…"

    "I'll go first and the two of you will be behind me. Don't walk in line but in pair ok?"


    Minhyun nodded and finished making his explosives.


    "Take some food and water too." said Myungsoo to Seongwu. "We never know what will happen."

    "How much?"

    "Not too much, we don't want to be weighed down by the bags if we have to run."


    Seongwu nodded.

    After packing, Minhyun sat next to his boyfriend on the sofa,cuddling him, enjoying the last peaceful moments they would maybe have together as Myungsoo eyed the monsters outside.

    The three of them listened to the screams that slowly died down over the next few hours.

    Hours that both felt like an eternity and a simple second.


    <<I just saw your message, we are safe. We are hiding in an empty building until nightfall.>> sent Wooseok to his cousin.


    <<Stay safe too hyung, stick with Seongwu.>>

    <<Don't worry about us, we are with Myungsoo. We are going to look for Junho and his friend.>> replied Minhyun

    <<Ok...Then we'll go to where Minju and Yohan are and you can join us there.>>



    "The sun is setting down." stated Seongwu, hanging on Minhyun's arm for dear life.

    "...I'll take the spear, Minhyun you take a knife and you will throw the cocktails Seongwu and push them away with Junho's sword." instructed Myungsoo , standing up and walking over to the main entrance with a backpack on his back. "We stick together not matter what ok?"

    "Alright." replied Seongwu,inhaling to calm himself down.

    "Try not to engage with them ok? If possible we avoid fighting." finally said the president, hand on the doorknob 


    Minhyun nodded and took his boyfriend's hand in his.



    "Ready." replied the couple.

    "Then let's go."


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    Samedi 7 Mars 2020 à 17:49

    OOOOH ça avance!!

    Pas mal les intéractions Minhyun/Myungsoo fallait bien y passer de toute façon 

    A leur place j'aurais d'abord étudié les zombies avant de sortir quand même ou juste regarder la télé etc parce que bon ils foncent dans l'inconnue là............

    Seongwu personne a confiance en lui c'est triste............... comptez sur lui pour perdre l'épée quand même bientôt :)

    Samedi 7 Mars 2020 à 17:54
    Oui hihihi

    Ca va etre la grande amitie entre les deux...

    Bah apres j'ai passe des heures donc ils ont surement regarde la tele...

    Il va faire tomber l'epee comme la camera dans son show
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