• Day 4


    Day 4

    Yunseong had taken his lunch with him and was walking around the school to find a calm spot.

    Minju was still angry at Minhyun for what he had done and Yohan had been trying his best to calm her down so that she would not commit murder.

    Yunseong liked the two teenagers but hated drama and had chosen to spend his break away from all the screams and multiple insults that came flying out of her mouth.

    Yunseong happened to find Wooseok, drenching his face with the cold water of the outdoor sinks. 

    Yunseong scratched his head, wondering if he should go and talk to him or ignore him all together as he seemed to hate his presence.


    "You will catch a cold." finally said Yunseong, sitting on a bench near him.

    "...So will you if you eat outside." 


    Yunseong raised his shoulders.


    "I needed some fresh air." explained the dancer.

    "So did I." said Wooseok, sitting on the bench.


    The two of them had never spent time together before and had just acknowledged each other's existence at most until then. 

    Yunseong liked that Wooseok was more laid back, not as talkative as his two other friends.


    "Do you want some?" asked Yunseong, handing him his second roll of kimbap.

    "Are you sure?"said a surprised Wooseok who had been thinking that Yunseong hated him.


    "...Thanks." answered Wooseok.


    Wooseok took the roll and unwrapped the aluminium around it.


    "So...How's the school so far?"  asked Yunseong, eyeing him. 


    Wooseok took a bite of the kimbap and watched the empty soccer fields.


    "I don't really have an opinion yet...So much happened in the last few days that I haven't gotten the chance to even visit the campus."

    "Ah...Yeah it was quite the explosive start I guess."


    The two of them silently ate,watching the trees' buds. The cherry blossoms would come early this year.


    "I can show you around if you want." said Yunseong, finishing his share.

    "Aren't you new here too?"

    "I am but I have been coming here for quite some time because of Seongwu."


    Wooseok tensed up at the mention of that name, a reaction that did not escaped the eyes of Yunseong.


    "..I'll take you up on that offer."said Wooseok,standing up.

    "Let's go then."

    "Wait- Right now?"


    Yunseong laughed and threw the aluminium in the nearest bin. 


    "Why not?"

    "But we have classes-"

    "The next one has been canceled, the teacher is sick."

    "Oh..Oh? Alright then…"


    Yunseong buried his hands in his pockets and started walking with Wooseok by his side.


    "...You are different from  what I imagined."admitted Wooseok.

    "Ah? How was I at first?"

    "Cold..? Unbothered?  Even haughty maybe?" whispered Wooseok.


    Yunseong smiled.


    "I am not really good at getting to know other persons. People often find me awkward to be with."admitted the boy

    "....Oh."simply answered an apologetic Wooseok.

    "So… did you hate me?"

    "...A little?" 


    Yunseong laughed.


    "I like your honesty." complimented Yunseong "We need more of it around here."


    A slight smile appeared on Wooseok's lips.


    "And do you still hate me?" asked an amused Yunseong.

    "Hmmm...I'm not sure." said Wooseok with a little smirk " I may be inclined to change my mind if you show me which snack is the best at the school's convenience store."

    "Deal." smiled Yunseong."Let's go."


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    Mercredi 29 Janvier 2020 à 17:39

    Oh c'est court mais efficace o: Un petit pas pour le wooseong est un grand pas dans le coeur de Caca :)

    Bah c'est tellement court que je sais pas trop quoi dire dhgsdfj

    Mercredi 29 Janvier 2020 à 17:40
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