• Uninvited guests

    Junho was almost always confused, he wondered why the weirdest situations came to him who was a normal and quite unproblematic student.

    It happened to him that maybe it was because of his more than crazy friend group that his life was abnormal.


    "They'll spot us!!" exclaimed Wooseok, squatting behind a bush not to be seen by Yohan and Minju.

    "Where do you think they are going...?" wondered Yujin by his side under the more than unphased gaze of Junho.

    "Do you think he proposed or something like that? The restaurant is fancy…" said Yunseong, next to Wooseok.



    Junho rolled his eyes after seeing the couple leave the restaurant.

    He should have known that discreetly going to check on their date was a bad idea and should have never let Yujin know about it in the first place.

    Meeting Wooseok and Yunseong had been a simple but terrible coincidence that had only worsened the situation.


    "What are you even doing here guys?" sighed Junho

    "We were going to a karaoke..." whispered Yunseong.

    "Let's follow them!!!"said Yujin,putting on her hood 

    "Why??" asked a confused Junho

    "I have to protect Minju from him!!"

    ".And we have to protect Yohan from her." replied Yunseong.

    "....And I think that I have to protect them from all of you." said Junho, shaking his head. "You are crazy."


    Yujin pinched her friend.


    "Help me!!!"

    "No, I didn't come out to stalk them, I am going home." sighed Junho.

    "Wait wait- Don't go…" pleaded Yujin, grabbing his arm.

    "Why? You don't need me to follow them. Go ahead if you want." angrily replied Junho,pushing her hand away.


    Junho didn't know why he was that angry and wondered what led him to feel this way.

    Was it the absurdity of the situation? Them acting like children? Or because Yujin still was not back to her usual self? Or because she liked Minju so much that she was forgetting him, her best friend?

    He was there but felt invisible.

    He hated this feeling.

    Junho was loved by many including his family but never felt like he was anyone's priority.

    Mina had always been focused on either Minhyun or Myungsoo and Minju on Yohan.

    He truly only had Yujin,a Yujin that would probably leave him as soon as they graduated.

    Yujin frowned, worried by her friend's behavior.


    "What's wrong?" 

    "What's wrong is that we were supposed to hang out to change your mind, to forget about them." sadly said Junho. "Not to do...this."

    "...Sorry." apologized Yujin. "I just...It's not that easy to forget I guess."


    Junho hated himself for getting angry at her,he hated how jealous he was over every little things.

    She had done nothing wrong per say, she was just being her usual weird but lovely self except that her attention wasn't directed at him for once.


    "Hey don't fight,we can have fun on our own right?" smiled Wooseok,petting his head. "Being single is as much fun than being a couple!"

    "We still can go to the karaoke all together." said Yunseong,brushing his hand against Wooseok's."We'll pay for you guys."

    "Let's go there ok?" slightly smiled Yujin, looking at Junho. "Please?"


    Junho hesitated but finally nodded.

    If it made her happy he had to accept, he hated seeing her sad.




    Wooseok and Yunseong started walking, soon followed by the two teenagers.

    Yujin grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers so that he would not leave.


    "Sorry Junho. I know that I am not myself these days…" 

    "...It's ok. I understand."

    "Are you angry?"

    "...I am."


    "...I am jealous." admitted the boy in a whisper, he hated lying to her.


    Yujin slowed down and stared at his shamefully red face.


    "Aren't you coming?" asked Wooseok on the karaoke's steps.

    "...Go ahead first, we'll join you soon." said Yujin, unable to take off her eyes from her friend's scarlet  face as the older boys entered the building.


    Junho regretted telling her a truth that he barely understood himself.


    "...Jealous…? How...Why?"

    "...Because you know nothing about Minju and are pushing me aside for her."

    "That was not my intention…And I am not."

    "I was here first, I was the one there for you every time you cried but it didn't seem to matter and I…" sighed Junho. " And I thought that you would abandon me to spend more time with her."

    "...Look at me." asked Yujin.


    Junho raised his eyes to meet hers.

    He had always liked how cheerful hers were, they were beautiful and carried stars in them.

    She had been his light when nobody cared about him, she was the reason why he had blossomed.


    "I'm never abandoning you Junho." smiled Yujin." I may fall in love again one day but I am always the happiest with you. You're my best friend." 


    Junho should have been happy, he should have rejoiced after hearing her words but only felt pain,a sharp one deep in his heart.

    Best friend.

    A role where he would see her fall in love and get her heart broken all over again by other people.

    A role he suddenly wasn't so sure he would be able to handle.

    He wanted more, he wanted to be his love.

    He wanted her to watch him with the same sparkles in her eyes as when she stared at his cousin,he wanted her heart to protect it and never see her cry again. 

    Love was supposed to be wonderful, not this awful feeling, he was aching too much.

    He couldn't risk it.

    What if she rejected him? What if they dated and ended up just like his sister and Minhyun that had been her best friends too at one point?


    "...Thank you." smiled Junho as his stomach turned upside down.

    "Let's go~!"said Yujin before dragging him into the karaoke.


    He would just have to kill his feelings.

    He would have to stop the fire in his heart and if he couldn't, he would just have to lock them deep inside of himself until the ends of times.

    She could never know the truth behind his gazes, she had to remain oblivious to be happy, to maintain their peace.

    Junho could at least do this for her even if it destroyed him.

    First love never lasted anyway right?

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  • First Date

    Minju was excited and had barely slept .

    Yohan had asked her out on a evening date the day before as they were walking back from school.

    The young girl had spent a full hour trying on her cousin's clothes.


    "..Don't you have your own clothes ?" asked the older girl, eyeing her with a tired smile.

    "You have more dresses and skirts than me!!"

    "But still-"

    "I'll also need your makeup and perfume…..The expensive one." begged Minju, fluttering her eyelashes."Please?"


    Mina laughed and plugged in the hair curler to heat it.


    "Alright,but don't spill anything on my clothes ok?"

    "Thank you~"


    Minju laid out a long floral dress on the bed before digging deeper into her cousin's closet.


    "...This…" whispered Minju,taking a pretty but casual flowy spring dress, the same color as her hair.

    "I bought it for a date with Minhyun but never got to wear it,you can have it if you want."


    "I'm fine, I have to let go now." smiled Mina.


    Minju hugged her cousin.

    The girl knew how strong she was but hated not being able to help her.

    She had been like an older sister and second mother to her since their youngest age since her parents were always busy.


    "I'm sorry…"

    "For what?"

    "For starting dating when you just broke up."


    Mina laughed and smiled at her.


    "No it's great, I am happy for you and Yohan. You are good for one another."

    "You think so..?"

    "You are perfect together, you always have been."


    Minju smiled.


    "Then I'll take it, I'll take the dress!We can't just let it rot in your closet."

    "Good choice, it will suit you well." 


    After getting her makeup and hair done by Mina, Minju stood up and eyed herself in the mirror.


    "You look amazing. Yohan will fall in love all over again~" said Mina, proud of her work.


    "Of course, you are stunning."


    Minju quickly put on her shoes and eyed her cousin in the lonely apartment. 

    Junho was out and about with Yujin, probably up to some mischief and Kami was busy with some school projects.

    She was alone.


    "Will you be alright? You should call someone over." 

    "Don't worry about me and go have fun~"


    "...But not too much fun alright~?" winked Mina at a scarlet Minju who quickly left the loft after saying goodbye.


    Minju walked down the stairs, remembering her cousin's words.

    She had thought about going farther than kissing with Yohan, she had for a while.

    She wondered if he had too and wondered how it would go.

    What if she disappointed him? What if he hated doing it with her? She had heard some pretty awful first time stories and was scared that hers would be too.

    Yohan stood before her, a flight of stairs away.

    Her boyfriend had also put some effort into his appearance, wearing a carefully ironed white shirt and tailored black trousers.


    "Hello gorgeous." called Yohan with his usual flirty smile that she loved.


    Minju blushed even more and ran to him, landing into his arms before lovingly kissing him.

    She never wanted to leave him.


    "Hi…" whispered Minju against his lips with a smile. " You are not so bad yourself." 

    "That's all I get~?"

    "Hmm it depends~"

    "On what?" smiled Yohan, eskimo kissing her as he placed his hands on her waist.

    "On where you are bringing me tonight."


    Yohan laughed and took her hand.


    "Shall we go then?"



    Yohan led her through small streets to a small but pretty restaurant lighted by small dim light bulbs.

    Minju walked to the blooming cherry blossom tree and eyed it with stars in her eyes.


    "Cherry blossoms!! So early in the year!!"

    "I thought you would like it." smiled Yohan, back-hugging her.

    "I love it." honestly answered Minju, caressing his face.


    Yohan stole her lips and dragged her to the small and empty restaurant's rooftop.


    "Is it closed…? Why is there no one but us?" asked a confused Minju.

    "I rented the roof for us tonight."


    A small defeated smile appeared on her lips. 

    Yohan would always spend too much for her instead of spending his money for himself.


    "You didn't have to.." said Minju as a waiter brought them non-alcoholic drinks.

    "I wanted to…"


    Yohan paused.


    "Because…" started a slowly blushing Yohan." I intended on confessing to you here, not under the sheets of your cousin's apartment."


    Yohan scratched his head.


    "I wanted the moment to be unique and romantic. The cumulting point of years of love towards you."

    "It was already the case for me...I will always remember it."


    Minju stood up and sat on his lap on the large bean bag seat he was on.


    "I wanted something perfect for you…"

    "You are enough Yohan, I don't want anything else, I just need your love." eyesmiled Minju.


    Minju laid her forehead against his.


    "I don't need expensive dinners, beautiful clothes and luxurious objects to be happy,I need you and only you." confessed Minju. " Because being with you is the best thing I have ever felt in all of my short life."

    "Me too…"


    Yohan played with her hair strands and kissed the tip of her nose.


    "Then...You don't want these?"asked the boy, taking shining earrings out of a small velour box.

    "Oh thank you!They are lovely, of course I want them. "said Minju,kissing his cheek. "But why?"


    Yohan hummed and looked at the starless sky only lighted by his lover's presence.


    "I want us to last,I don't want us to break up….People always say that first loves never have a happy ending and I want to prove everyone wrong."


    Yohan kissed her.


    "I want to show the whole world that we were meant for one another and these are my promises to you that I will always be yours no matter what."


    Minju blushed and stole another kiss from him.


    "That sounds a lot like wedding vows to me…."

    "Would you like that?Should we run away and get married?" joked Yohan, kissing her hand. 


    Minju hushed him with a finger while giggling.


    "We are too young to be talking about that and I want us to end up like Romeo and Juliet. Let us be teenagers in love for a while…"

    "That's also fine by me." smiled Yohan.


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  • Day 6'

    Mina was exhausted, she wanted to take a break from life.

    She was tired of listening to the constant pitying whispers coming from her classmates.

    She was tired of worrying her friends and especially Kami who had been feeding her candies to keep her thoughts off the breakup.

    Kami had hoped that the sugar rush would put some life back into her friend but only gave her a stomach ache in the end. 


    "Can you take some notes for me? I'm going to the infirmary." asked Mina to her friend.

    "I can come with you if you want!"

    "No I'm fine..."


    Mina could feel the heavy and almost predator like gaze of her male classmates on her back.

    That's all she was to them, a piece of meat back on the market.

    She missed Minhyun, and especially the Minhyun that had always protected her from them.


    "Mina-" Called out a boy before being stopped by Kami.

    "Tututut sit down. She can go there alone."


    "No but." said Kami, winking at her friend.

    "Thank you." whispered Mina before leaving the classroom.



    There was finally some silence in her life.

    The hallways were empty and only the sound of her steps could be heard.

    She stopped by a window and stared at the blue sky,wondering what would happen now.

    Minhyun had been perfect for her, he was a safe person able to help her achieve a safe life.

    Or so she thought.

    Mina barely remembered her father's face but clearly remembered his voice that always screamed at her mother. She remembered their last argument before he left her and her pregnant mother forever.

    She remembered her mother often hugging her and crying as she held a newborn baby brother in her arms.

    She may have been two then but had never forgot what it meant to be abandoned.

    She had tried to be a perfect sister,daughter and girlfriend to never be abandoned, all for nothing.

    She had lost Minhyun.

    She felt empty.


    Mina entered the nurse's office and noticed her absence.

    A sigh escaped her as she opened a curtain only to see a sleepy Myungsoo laying on the bed.


    "Myungsoo?" called out Mina as the president opened his eyes and rose up.

    "Mina? What's wrong?"

    "Stomachache and you?"

    "Headache." growled the young man.

    "Ah~So even the great and scary Myungsoo is a victim of his human condition~"

    "...I'm scary?"


    Mina laughed and sat next to him.


    "That's what others think, not me." smiled Mina

    "And what do you think about me?"

    "....I thought that you were angry at me."


    Myungsoo took her hand.


    "And now…?"

    "I am just glad to have you back! You are the best thing that happened to me this year."

    "...You never lost me."


    Mina smiled and realized how big his hand had become since the time they used to play together.

    He was almost an adult and would graduate in less than a year.

    He would go away again.


    "Then what are we now? Are we childhood friends again or just highschool friends?" 



    Mina blinked a few times before eyeing him.


    "Ah…? What then?" 


    "Nothing…?" asked a hurt Mina, before standing up again. "...I see, sorry." 


    Maybe she had been wrong to think that things had gone back to the way they were.

    Maybe she had been the only one liking being able to spend time with him.

    Myungsoo grabbed her wrist and brought her to him as she was about to leave his side, stopping a few inches away from her face. 


    "I don't want you to misinterpret things again."

    "...You were clear enough in what you meant I think." whispered a confused Mina. "I won't bother you again if I truly am nothing to you."

    "But you did misinterpret me." sighed Myungsoo before brushing her cheek with his hand. "I didn't meant that you did not matter to me with these words."

    "Then what?"

    "You aren't just a friend...You are more."



    A disappointed and painful laugh escaped his lips before sighing and running a hand in his hair.

    "..That's what you want? Do you want me to be a big brother figure to you?" 

    "...Don't you?"

    "I don't."


    Mina was confused, what did he meant to be to her then?


    "Then what..?"

    "..Forget it, it doesn't matter anymore."

    "It does! Tell me." 

    "...Can't you see?" asked Myungsoo in a whisper


    Mina eyed how tensed he was, how pink his cheeks had become, how his fingers had sled down to her lips. She felt his hand on her waist and could feel his pulse.

    His heart was racing.


    "...No way." blushed the young woman.

    "I love you. I have for years." 


    Mina was confused.


    "...Is this a joke?"

    "No it isn't." 


    Mina sat back down on the bed in disbelief.

    Kim Myungsoo,Kim Myungsoo loved her.

    Kim Myungsoo the always so perfect and handsome school president was in love with her.

    "...I never knew." 

    "I know." said Myungsoo "But I tried to tell you…"



    A sad smile graced his lips , making Mina think about the letters.


    "...Then the letters were…"

    "Love letters."

    "All of them..?"

    "All of them." 


    Mina felt hot, just as if she had a fever.


    "...I...I don't know what to say...I just broke up with Minhyun and -"

    "I'm not asking you to go out with me...I just wanted you to know that things have changed in a way. We can't just go back to the way we were when we were in elementary school."

    "Then...Will I lose you if I never like you the way you like me?" 

    "You won't. But you can't expect me to sleep over in your bed like last time."


    Mina blushed more, what had he thought that night? What was he thinking when she was sleeping in his arms?

    Her heart was racing.




    Mina sighed.


    "...So...What now?"

    " I don't know…" replied the girl.

    "...I'm scared Myungsoo."

    "Of what…?"

    "Of everything, everything is changing around me and it terrifies me." whispered Mina. " My mom is always abroad now, Junho doesn't need me anymore, I broke up with Minhyun, Minju will be less and less present since she is dating Yohan and now even you...You and your feelings."


    Myungsoo leaned in and kissed her cheek.


    " You'll be alright."

    "How can you know…?"

    "Because I will be there for you, always."

    "...If there is something that I don't believe in it is the notion of something eternal." sadly smiled Mina. "You'll stop loving me one day."


    Myungsoo played with her hand.


    "Maybe...But you know...I have loved you for most of my life. Always, every day." smiled the school president." I've grown so used to it that I don't think  I will ever stop."


    Mina felt her eyes fill up with tears.


    "I'm sorry...Why...I don't understand how and why you love someone like me."

    "There is no reason...Don't cry ok?" smiled Myungsoo. " I just love the person you are and you are beautiful but so much more inside."

    "...I'm not rejecting you, I just...I just have to deal with some issues before thinking about it a..and then I'll see." sighed Mina. "I never saw you this way before after all… I need some time."

    "You can have all the time you need." smiled Myungsoo


    Mina wiped her tears and looked at him.


    "So you'll wait for me…? Even if I do not chose you in the end..?"


    "....There is no always." sadly smiled Mina.

    "There is for me, you are my always." whispered Myungsoo. " You have always been."


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  • Day 6

    Junho was sad.

    He was sad because Yujin was depressed and refused to talk about it.

    He hated seeing her like this,he hated not hearing her laugh.

    The morning after the party had been an awkward one, especially when the two middle-schoolers had caught the new couple kissing in the kitchen.

    It hadn't even been a regular kiss, it had been a passionate kiss that was still haunting the young boy's mind.


    "Yujinnnn~" called Junho, waving her favorite sandwich under her nose that he had bought especially for her, taking an extra 20 min out of his morning routine. "Look at what I have for you~"

    "Thanks but I'm not hungry…" sighed Yujin,laying down on her desk.

    "...Ok we have to talk about what's wrong then."


    "Because you never say no to food! You are scaring me!" 


    Yujin sighed before caressing Junho's hair with her hand.


    "Don't worry...I just...I'm just sad. It's not important."

    "But it is for me...I want you to be happy…"

    "Junho...I just…" 

    "It is because of Minju right?"


    Yujin sighed and nodded.


    "How did you know..?"

    "...You weren't really discreet about it."


    "But Minju doesn't know, she rarely knows."


    Junho remembered all the times his sister and cousin had been followed around by boys(or even girls) in love with them,boys that never entered their sight.

    Junho knew that they weren't ignoring them, they were just so used to all the attention that they weren't able to notice what was going on outside of their immediate circle. 


    "Well...That's nice? I guess…"

    "I don't get why everybody love her that much...She is pretty ,yes, but scary sometimes." 

    "I don't care. I like her." pouted Yujin

    "You barely know her!!!"

    "You're not helping…"


    Junho brushed his hand against her cheek,playing with a few strands of her hair.


    "Forget her, you'll find someone better."


    "You can. How can you not when you are so wonderful and pretty?" 

    "..I am?"

    "Of course!" smiled Junho 



    Junho pouted and also laid down on his desk.


    "I am being honest. You are really pretty."

    "I act like a boy, I am not delicate like Minju... Who would ever like me?"

    "Me." replied Junho maybe too quickly. "...as a friend."

    "I'm not talking about friends!"

    "I know I know...Sorry."


    Yujin sighed and eyed her friend.


    "No...I should be the one apologizing. You are just trying to help me…"

    "I am a sad excuse for a best friend." 

    "That's not true..You are always there when I need you." finally smiled Yujin, taking his hand in hers. "You were there yesterday to comfort me when we...saw them."


    Junho had spent the previous day calming down Yujin who had been grieving the premature loss of her first love.

    She had drenched his brand new shirt with her tears and snot without him scolding her.

    He had just sat there, slowly rubbing her back until she stopped sobbing.


    "I was more like a pillow than a best friend."

    "I like you as a pillow." joked Yujin. "Especially when it's one that brings me food." 


    Junho looked at the sandwich.


    "So you want it?"

    "Yes, but not because I am hungry. Because you keep staring at me with your puppy eyes."


    Junho blinked a few times.


    "Puppy eyes?"

    "Yeah, it's hard to refuse after seeing them. I think it's genetic, your sister and Minju also have this...skill…?"


    Yujin took her lunch and bit into it under the longing stare of her friend.

    Junho was hungry but would rather die than admit it.


    "...Where is your lunch?" asked a suspicious Yujin.

    "...I took my lunch money."


    "I bought the sandwich for you.


    "There was no money left for my lunch."

    "..Idiot." laughed Yujin, cutting the sandwich in two "There, take half of it."


    "No but. I won't eat if you do not."


    Junho scratched his head.




    Junho didn't particularly like sandwiches, he preferred hot meals but was happy as long as he was with Yujin.


    "Are you ok?" asked the boy

    "No and I don't intend to be ok for some time."


    "Because we are middle schoolers...And I want to rebel."


    "Yeah. If I rebel now it is a life crisis but if I rebel in high school that's just me being childish."

    "...Isn't it the contrary…? Life crisis in high school and childish behavior in middle school…?"

    "...You know what I meant."

    "...You are an idiot."

    "You too." 

    "...Why do you want to rebel?"

    "To busy my broken heart."


    Junho shook his head and sighed.


    " How will you rebel?"

    "I don't know."

    "....Yeah that's what I thought."

    "...I'll run away?"

    "You won't last a day without food and you like your parents."

    "...I'll steal an object."

    "You felt bad for a week when you forgot to give back a pen to the science teacher."

    "...I'll smoke?"

    "You hate the smell of cigarettes."

    "..I'll date bad guys."


    "Why no?"

    "Because I won't let you."


    "Because I am your friend and I don't want you to ruin your life." 



    Junho eyed her and patted her head. 


    "Instead of rebelling, we can hang out." 


    "Hmm Han river?"


    "This afternoon…?"

    "But we have a sport class…"


    Junho laughed.


    "I thought that you wanted to rebel?"


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  • Fresh Air

    Yunseong had underestimated Wooseok's ability to adapt to new environments.

    The boy had imagined that his friend would go around silently, unsurely eyeing his surroundings but Yunseong was too far away from the truth.

    Wooseok had been a social butterfly waiting to come out of his cocoon and that was now going up to people, talking to them as if he was the most extroverted person this world had ever seen.

    Maybe he had been wrong, maybe Wooseok didn't really need his help.


    "I want to get my ears pierced."said Wooseok, slurping his strawberry smoothie.


    Yunseong coughed on his drink and eyed him with worry.

    This was not expected, none of this was.

    Wooseok was supposed to be calm and discreet.



    "I want earrings." 

    "You can get some clip earrings-"

    "No,I want the real deal."


    Yunseong thought that he may have freed a monster. Where was the silent Wooseok with whom he had shared his kimbaps? 



    "I don't know. It's impulsive and I never am impulsive."

    "..That's especially why you should think about it again."

    "No. I want to leave a trace of my new found freedom." 

    "On your body…?"



    Yunseong sighed, at least he didn't want a tattoo.


    "Alright, let's go." 

    "Do you know a shop?"

    "Yeah I was there when Yohan got his piercings done." said Yunseong ,drinking the last drop of his shake before standing up and bringing the empty glass to the counter.


    Wooseok smiled, mirroring his action before running to his side and taking his hand again.

    Yunseong blinked a few times.

    He had taken his hand in order not to lose him in the subway but Wooseok hadn't let go of his until they had reached the coffee shop.

    Yunseong had wondered if it was due to him not knowing the place or just because he had forgotten about it.

    It didn't bother him, his hand was warm and the weather was still cold outside.


    "I like it here. " said Wooseok with the biggest smile on his lips. " I feel alive."

    "Well...If you felt dead here I would be worried about you." laughed Yunseong. "Everyone likes this place."

    "Will we go to clubs in the evening?" asked an ever so happy Wooseok.


    Yunseong could almost hear Minhyun scream a big "no"  in the horizon and could imagine Yohan's cousin punish them until the end of times if they ever got caught.


    "...No…? We are minors."


    Wooseok stopped and eyed him with surprise.


    "...You have never been there?"



    Wooseok scratched his head.


    "Have you ever consumed alcohol then…?"

    "Half a glass?"




    Wooseok gasped, lowered his voice and whispered.




    A laugh escaped an amused but defeated Yunseong's lips. 


    "No. Why would you even think that? I am not a criminal."

    "...Oh." replied a blushing and embarassed Wooseok. "I thought that since you like this place..uh..you…" 

    "Tend to play around often?" asked Yunseong, smiling.


    "I don't. I come here to dance." 


    Wooseok seemed to remember the young people dancing on the main street they had passed by an hour ago.


    "Like the guys from before…?"

    "Yeah...But less often now. I used to come a lot with Seongwu." 

    "That's nice." smiled Wooseok.


    Yunseong stared at the pavement, thinking of the time before Seongwu fell in love with Minhyun. They would spend their whole weekends dancing into the night, until their bodies were exhausted.

    They would get drunk on the people's ovations.

    He missed it, the rush that came with performing.

    His life was emptier now, more mundane.

    But there was Wooseok, and being with Wooseok made his existence less boring.


    "...Let's go dance then." said Wooseok, dragging him into the streets.

    "Wait- You know how to dance? What about the earrings?"


    Wooseok slowed down and laughed.


    "I came to our school because I love dancing. I came for the dance program." smiled the boy. " And the earrings can wait."


    Wooseok stopped in front of street dancers and watched them for a while until a man asked people from the audience to join them.


    "Here!"  shouted Wooseok, waving his hand at the MC. "The two of us!" added the teenager, pointing his finger at his friend and himself.

    "Come to the center~"


    Yunseong hesitated, it had been a long time since he had last performed, what if he was not as good as before?

    Yunseong watched his little friend introduce them, still not letting go of his hand that he had been nervously clenching.


    "You'll be fine." whispered Wooseok in his ear as the music started .


    His hand slept away from his and suddenly Yunseong felt empty.

    Wooseok started dancing and invited him to do so too.

    His friend's steps were less precise than his but didn't lack energy, he had practiced a lot and he could see it.

    Soon, Yunseong let the music take over his body and started dancing effortlessly, not taking his eyes off his friend.

    Wooseok was breathtaking  in his oversized 

    (really oversized) black outfit.

    Well he had always been beautiful in his eyes but never this much.

    There was something that made him shine more in that instant.

    Maybe it was because they were in Hongdae, because all those people were cheering for them or because he looked different than usual.

    But one thing for sure was that he shined way brighter than everyone else. 


    "Wow! That was amazing guys!" shouted the MC as the public clapped.

    "Thank you!" said the smaller boy.


    Wooseok turned around and smiled at Yunseong who's cheeks were burning.


    "...Let's go." said Yunseong as he grabbed his hand once again.



    Yunseong wanted to steal him away and regretted ever bringing him out there.

    Was it selfish of him to want be the only one to see him shine? It probably was and he knew it.

    But he wanted this day to be to the two of them.

    Yunseong brought Wooseok to a calm park, away from all of the noise.


    "Where are we?" asked Wooseok.

    "I don't know...I just needed a break."

    "Alright. A break it is then."


    Wooseok laid down on a bench, looking up at the dark sky.


    "There are no stars here…" said Wooseok in a whisper.

    "Yeah..That's the only thing that I don't like about the city." replied Yunseong, laying down on the opposite bench. 


    The night was cold, maybe too cold for them to still be outside but it didn't matter to Yunseong, he liked it.

    He liked the numbness that came with it.

    It calmed the fire in his cheeks.


    "Thank you Yunseong." said Wooseok, looking at him.

    "For what?"

    "For this…For today." 


    Wooseok stood up and walked over to him, kneeling beside him.


    " Thank you…" smiled Wooseok.


    Yunseong couldn't take his eyes off of him.

    And that's when he understood that he wasn't feeling hot just because he had danced.

    He knew that it was something different, something more special.

    That's when he understood that he was crushing on Kim Wooseok.

    Not a girl from his class or a beautiful stranger, Kim Wooseok.

    He liked Kim Wooseok out of all the persons in this world.


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