• Long Night

    Yohan had sobered up and struggled to sleep.

    He may have been drunk and Minju too but her words were still engraved in his memory.

    Were they truthful or were they just splurt out in a moment of ecstasy?

    Yohan opened his eyes to see Junho fast asleep against him and tucked him in before laying on his back.

    The two middle-schoolers had been the first to sleep as expected, but he too wasn't the best drinker there was.

    He could not judge them.


    "Minju?" whispered Yohan."Are you awake…?"


    Yohan felt a finger poke him on the arm under the blankets.

    The boy slipped under the covers, falling face to face with a smiling and blushing Minju a few centimeters away from his face.

    The rare loose stitches of the blanket let the moonlight pass through it, transforming the fabric into a starry night sky above them.

    Yohan struggled to understand if she was really shining in that instant or if it was that peculiar time of night where things seemed ethereal that played with his mind.

    But regardless of the magical airs of the late hours, she was always breathtakingly beautiful.

    So beautiful that he had been convinced as a child that she was an angel.


    "Hey." said Minju in the quietest way possible.

    "Hey you…" replied Yohan in the same way "Why aren't you sleeping?" 

    "I am too happy!" giggle Minju,burying her face in his chest. 

    "Are you still drunk?" smiled Yohan,running his hand through her hair.

    "Maybe I am or maybe not."said Minju, looking up at him.


    Yohan wondered if he could tell her.

    He wondered if he could tell her that he had always loved her since they were children. 

    That he had spent most of his life dreading the day she would fall in love and leave him.

    There was a whole world outside of the warm covers waiting for her and Yohan was not sure that he would always be a part of it.

    Maybe she would forget everything in the morning if he told her?


    "So you are drunk…"sadly smiled Yohan, hoping that she would not see the expression he was making.

    "Would you like it if I wasn't?" 

    "...I don't know." 


    Minju caressed his cheek.


    "...I missed this. Having sleepovers with you...Talking all night long with you…"

    "I don't even remember when we stopped or why…"

    "We just grew up I guess…" whispered Minju with a sadness in her voice.


    Both of them, as children, had sworn to never leave each other no matter where life brought them. Promises that had slowly started to fade as they aged.

    Promises that he could now imagine would be broken one day when they would leave for college, when they would find a job, when they would get married and have children of their own...

    There was so many stages to life that they would probably not fill out together.


    "Do you remember when we used to play with Myungsoo and Mina?" asked Minju 

    "Of course...We liked to annoy  them by running away and hiding in bushes." laughed Yohan "We were quite mean to them in that way.."

    "But that was the good times...After Myungsoo left, everything changed...Even we changed." sighed Minju who didn't look so drunk anymore.

    "I don't think so…? You still are the same beautiful, funny and sometimes scary girl I met in kindergarten." said Yohan, smiling at her.

    "...You see. That's what I meant. You changed." whispered Minju, closing her eyes.


    Yohan blinked a few times.

    He still felt the same as before.

    He was still the same energetic and fun guy she had met as a child wasn't he? 

    Minju took a deep breath.


    "The way you look at me changed. The way you smile at me, the way you hug me, the way you run your fingers through my hair...Everything." explained Minju


    Yohan almost cursed.

    She knew.

    And suddenly Yohan felt stupid for ever thinking that he would be able to hid it from her.

    Minju was the person that knew him the best in this world, she knew him better than his own parents.


    "I am not stupid Yohan. I know why you still haven't dated someone after all these years even though most girls pray to date someone just like you. I know why." slightly added Minju burying herself further against him.

    "Then why not say something…?"

    "Because I am scared...I am scared of losing you…"

    "That will never happen."

    "...How can you be so sure?"

    "I am sure because I only see you. You and your flamboyant pink hair. You are my spring and joy….Everything is pale and grey without you by my side." confessed Yohan. "You are like air to me, I need you to survive."


    Yohan felt hot but relieved to finally tell her his feelings.

    Anxiety built up in him as she stayed silent.

    Was she shocked? Was she angry at him for maybe ruining their friendship?


    "...And you? How do you see me?" asked Yohan bringing her face to his,stopping at a single inch away from her lips.


    Yohan felt her legs intertwine with his.


    "It's hard to say or explain…but.."


    Minju kissed his fingers one by one.

    She then went on to kiss his forehead,cheeks,jaw and neck. Her breath becoming more tense between each one of them as his heart raced.


    "... I love you like this." finally whispered the girl before kissing the corner of his mouth.


    Was he dreaming? Was he still drunk?


    "...Am I dreaming?"

    "You are not.." smiled Minju with the prettiest smile on her lips

    "Am I crazy? Am I imagining you?" asked Yohan as his hands traveled to her waist. 


    "Then prove it to me."


    Minju giggled and pecked him as she rolled over him.


    "There...I am real…" smiled Minju,cupping his face in his hands. "We..This is real." 


    Yohan pulled her into a kiss,putting himself over her without interrupting this magic moment,their very first kiss.

    He wanted to hug her forever,to forever hear her laugh and smell her scent that reminded him of nothing but joyful memories. 

    Yohan felt her embrace their kiss as her lips moved against his and as her hands held on his shirt.

    She was is and he was hers.


    "I love you like this…"smiled Yohan before stealing her lips again, rosy lips that he had sought for years " I've always loved you like this."


    She still was his angel after all.

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  • Catastrophe

    Myungsoo was baffled and wondered how his life had gotten him to this point.

    The A grade school president had just hoped for a cheerful dinner with his oldest friend and instead had come to witness what was (kindly described) a total mess.

    It was now midnight and the craziness had reached its peak.


    " I swear to god Junho, stop saying stupid things!!" said Yujin, drunk and up on the table. 

    "Never!!!" provoked the boy, dying of laughter on the ground.

    "Come down you'll hurt yourself-" advised Myungsoo who's voice disappeared in the loud laughing noises of Minju.

    "You two are so cute~ I am happy that Junho found such a cute girlfriend~" exclaimed Minju in the arms of a blushing Yohan, more than drunk.


    Yujin dropped the glass she had been carrying until then and  faked gagged before stepping off the table, sitting on the floor.


    "Me..? And him..? Never. NEVER."

    "Ew no ,ew." added Junho before snacking on a chip "I'd rather die."

    "...Well that's a bit extreme."


    Minju came over to Yujin and hugged her before kissing her cheek under the jealous gaze of Yohan who began pouting.


    "Then I will steal her!" eyesmiled a playful Minju as the middle schooler turned as pink as her hair."Let's get married~"

    "So you are giving up on me?" asked Yohan,laying his head on the table while playing with her locks.

    "No way!" eyesmiled Minju before kissing both of their cheeks. "I like the two of you!"


    Myungsoo raised an eyebrow seeing his cousin turn into a deeper shade of red.

    Myungsoo had always known that Yohan felt a little something for the sparkly girl that was Minju but never to this extent.

    Alcohol did wonders in a way.


    "She'll marry me." said Yohan, taking Minju onto his lap,hugging her and staring at Yujin with angry eyes.

    "I won't let you!!!" replied a shocked Yujin, menacing him with a chopstick while Minju could not stop laughing.

    "Ew ew." constantly replied Junho, covering his ears. "Someone please save me-"


    Minju giggled and kissed Yohan's forehead.


    "You are cute when you are angry~"


    Yohan froze.


    "And me?" asked Yujin, pouting.

    "You are always cute~ So pretty~" replied Minju before playing with her cheeks.

    " You know that Polo...Pola...hmmm.Poly-something is forbidden in Korea right?" growled Junho,throwing bread crumbs at Yujin.

    "Polygraphy!"shouted Yujin, throwing crumbs back at him too.

    "Photogamie!!!" replied Yohan.

    "Polygamy." sighed Myungsoo, massaging his temples.

    "Ah! Polygamy ,that's right." smiled Junho. "That's a big no no here."

    "I don't careeee! I'll marry Yujin and Yohan hihi"

    "I have to call the police." said Junho in a alcohol induced daze


    Myungsoo, more than sober, thought about what would happened to him if their parents ever learned about the turn the party had taken.

    The student looked around to see if there was someone in a state relatively stable enough to help him control the monsters that were going on a rampage.

    Kami had dozed off after a few drinks(Myungsoo suspected that it was to avoid dealing with the demons) and Mina was drinking alone in the kitchen, her face everything but joyful.

    Myungsoo had been sure that this party was a bad idea as soon as he had heard about it and that was especially why he had come.

    He was scared that she would crumble down without anyone noticing it.


    "Calm down kids." said Myungsoo, scratching his head. "Time to go to sleep-" 

    "Booouuhhh you are annoying Myungsoo" booed Yohan, throwing a pillow right in his face.


    An angry smile appeared on Myungsoo's lips.

    Sometimes he did hate his cousin.


    "Oh really? Should I show Minju your ugly baby pictures and cringy poems that you wrote for her when you were a kid then? Since you say that I am so annoying. "

    "...I love you hyung."

    "What~? I can't hear you? Where is my phone again…"

    "No no no! I love you don't do that please."begged Yohan.

    "Better." said Myungsoo, dropping the act.

    "Poems? What poems?"asked Minju,poking Yohan's face.


    Mina stood up and came to the teenagers.


    "It is getting late." said Mina, covering Kami with a blanket. " I'll lay down futons in the guest room so go and sleep there."

    "I'm not sleepy." whispered Little Junho with his eyes closed.


    "Alright…Good night..."answered Junho standing up, hugging Mina and wiggling his way to the bedroom, trying his best not to fall.

    "You three too." added Mina eyeing the trio caught up in a romantic drama.

    "But the poems-" started Minju.

    "No "but"." said Myungsoo.

    "You were funnier before." growled Minju.


    The pink-haired girl pouted and rolled over on her side, trying to stand up.


    " It's weird. The sky is moving." 

    "It is." replied Yujin,watching the ceiling.

    "I'll carry you Minju!!!" exclaimed Yohan, standing up , barely managing not to fall to the ground.

    "No you won't."said Myungsoo, helping his cousin to the room where Junho had fallen asleep on a mount of blankets, just like a lost puppy.


    Mina came,soon followed by the two girls who kept on bumping into the walls.

    At this point Myungsoo was just hoping that no neighbor would call the police on them.

    The young woman laid the futons and tucked her little brother in before helping the two girls.

    Myungsoo laid Yohan next to Junho.


    "Midnight is just the beginning of the night-" started the boy

    "If you don't calm down I'll knock you out Yohan." growled Myungsoo before turning the light off and leaving the room with Mina.


    The two of them could still hear their giggles and sighed.


    "Are they always like that?" asked Myungsoo as she turned the light off for the whole apartment after opening the curtains.


    It was a bright full moon that bathed the condo in a silvery light and for the first time in years he was left alone with her with no one to interrupt them.


    "Not always. We usually never drink. Tonight was a first."

    "And the last time I hope,they are crazy." 

    "I don't mind it as long as they are happy, it is refreshing…" declared Mina ,smiling and walking over to the kitchen's island.

    "But not today right?"

    " ...Yes. Not today." sadly smiled Mina as her hands moved towards the bottle left on the counter.


    Myungsoo gently grabbed her wrist that was now so tiny in his hands. He remembered how they had been the same height at one point.

    Had that much time really passed by?


    "Don't...You should not drown your problems with it." 


    Myungsoo saw her eyes fill with tears before she quickly turned around so that he would not see her face.


    "...I'm not and I'm not drunk."


    Myungsoo grabbed her by the waist as her body rocked back and forth, almost about to fall.

    They were face to face,Myungsoo felt his heart race and mentally slapped himself.

    It wasn't the moment to fall in love all over again, he was there to help her.


    "Really?" asked Myungsoo, brushing his hand against her warm face. " You aren't walking straight, your eyelids are heavy and your face  is flushed… You are drunk."

    "It doesn't matter….It shouldn't matter to you." whispered Mina.


    His heart stang. How could it not matter to him when he always worried about her?


    "But it does matter." confessed Myungsoo. " You do matter to me." 

    "...Lies." whispered Mina, troubled.

    "I never lied to you." 

    "No but you did far worse. You left me without even a word." accused Mina.



    Without a word? What was she talking about?

    What about his letters? 

    What about the letters he had sent to her to express his feelings all these years ago ?


    "... I think that there is something wrong with me…" sadly laughed Mina. " First my father abandoned us when Junho wasn't even born and then you left me and then the whole thing with Minhyun happened…." tears started rolling down her cheeks." Every time I am happy it has to come down."


    Myungsoo was confused. 

    He had spent the last few years thinking that she was ignoring him, denying him when she, in fact, had been oblivious to his feelings for her all along.

    He remembered writing that he liked her and would come back for her on paper, being nervous every time thinking about the possibility that she would threw it away even if it wasn't like her to do so.

    He remembered how he always got scolded for writing to her, he remembered the pain when he realized that she would never reply to him and his feelings. 

    All of this had been for nothing, she never even got them.


    " I just...I feel like I try my best, I really do but...It's never enough. I am never enough for anyone to stay by my side."


    Myungsoo slowly took her hand in his.


    "...I'll stay by your side if you want me to." 

    "How can you say that when you left without contacting me for years?" frowned Mina, slightly pushing him away. 


    Was it too late to at least be friends?


    "..I sent you letters. I sent you letters almost everyday."

    "Letters…? I never received them." suspiciously answered the girl, not ready to trust him again.

    "...I can't prove it to you, but I did, I really did." whispered a pained Myungsoo. " But you don't trust me, it probably doesn't matter to you  what I say right?"


    Mina stared at the floor in confusion.


    "...I'll go. I did not come to cause you more pain, I just wanted to see if you were ok." sighed Myungsoo. "I should not have come or stayed."


    Myungsoo turned around, heading towards the door when a hand tucked at his t-shirt.


    "....Why did you not come to see me when we met again in high school then?" 


    Myungsoo's fingers brushed over hers.

    How could he tell her that it was because she had Minhyun by her side? Because he hated seeing her with him? Because she was surrounded by new friends? Because he had changed and was no longer the Myungsoo she liked? Because he was scared that he would be rejected "once more".


    "...You looked happy and I thought that I would just disturb you." admitted Myungsoo.

    " You are an idiot…"


    Myungsoo could feel her tears wet his back.


    "You could have talked to me too."

    "I thought that you hated me." said Mina in a small voice. "You didn't even acknowledge that I existed for goodness sake…"

    "I was being a jerk, sorry…" told Myungsoo, slowly rubbing her shaking fingers with his.


    They stayed there and like that for a while before she wrapped her arms around him, resting her face on his back that had grown so big.


    "...Stay." pleaded Mina in a drowsy voice. "I don't want to be alone tonight."

    "...Alright." answered Myungsoo, turning around and hugging her.

    "I missed you."whispered Mina, burying her face in his chest.

    "I did too…More than what you can imagine." 


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  • Evening Party'

    Myungsoo stood tall before Mina in his casual clothes and messy hair, a look very different from the one he arbored at school. 

    There was usually a certain aura to Myungsoo that made him unapproachable to most people despite his good looks ,a light way to describe his physique.

    Minhyun was handsome and could make hearts melt with just a smile whereas Myungsoo was a piece of art.

    Exquisite, refined and rare.

    Mina could not deny it, he looked good in his oversized grey shirt and black jeans. This whole new him reminded her of a time that had probably been one of the best of her life.


    "Hi…"said Myungsoo, nervously scratching his head.


    Mina couldn't believe her eyes, why was he here? 

    Out of all the persons in this world, Myungsoo was the last person she had expected to see at her front door that night.

    Mina's feeling were all over the place.

    From Minhyun's sexuality to him showing up, there was so much for her to process.


    "I won't take much of your time I……" Myungsoo bite down on his lip. "I wanted to know how you were doing." almost whispered the man, noticing the heads of her friend's pop up behind the nearest furniture to eavesdrop.


    Minju's eyes were questioning Yohan who just shook is head to tell her that he hadn't dragged him here.


    "...I'm fine,thanks." said Mina, nervously swiping a few of her hair strands behind her ears.


    Mina should have been happy that he was here but felt confused.

    Myungsoo had been her best friend once when they were still children but had gone to a different middle school and had moved away without ever telling her. 

    Mina had taken the news pretty badly, crying over it for days and had hoped for a few years after this that he would come back...But he didn't.

    Just about when she had finally gotten over it, they met in high school and since then nothing had changed.

    They were acquaintances at best, just as if their close friendship had never existed.


    "..Good ...See you at school then…" awkwardly said the teenager, stepping back from the door.

    "...You can stay if you want." proposed Mina out of nowhere, almost surprising herself.

    "I...I don't want to bother you."


    A little gasp escaped Minju's lips, surprised that she had invited him in.

    Minju and Yohan became friends because of their two older cousins.The end of their friendship had affected even the little ones who had taken the end of their after-school meetings by the block's cafe pretty bad. There was a time when the four of them would run around together, laughing and giggling at every little peculiar things of life.They would get into trouble together and be scolded together.

    They were inseparable.


    "You don't...And I bought too much food anyway."

    "But still…"

    "You can help me cook if you feel that bad."


    Myungsoo scratched his head again, a tick that he hadn't lost from his childhood.


    "...Alright." answered Myungsoo,eyeing her apron before taking his shoes off and coming inside.


    The superposed group of students stumbled back and acted as if nothing ever happened under the amused gaze of Mina's blonde friend.


    "Hello Kami." called Myungsoo.


    Kami was on the student board and was in charge of the finances, she was probably the one most used to seeing him out of the whole crowd that now occupied the apartment.


    "Hey prez." replied Kami. "Weren't you supposed to be at Woohyun's tonight?"

    "Change of plans." declared Myungsoo as he washed his hands.


    Kami tried her best to hide her smile before setting the plates on the low table where the kids were sitting down.


    "...Right. A change of plan."


    Yujin poked Junho's ribs.


    "Who's that?" loudly whispered the tall girl

    "A human."

    "Cha Junho I swear to god-"

    "It's an old friend." said Mina out loud and smiling to a curious Yujin that blushed in embarrassment.


    The kids went back to their loud conversation, allowing Mina to talk with Myungsoo without being overheard.


    "An old friend uh…" said the teenager under his breath.

    "Aren't you? Am I mistaken?" asked Mina before handing him some cucumbers to cut.


    Myungsoo stared at her before sighing.


    "No...I just didn't know if you still thought about our past like that." added the black-haired man, chopping the vegetable." I'm glad to hear it." 

    "I'm the one who should be saying that." answered Mina.


    The young woman wondered what he thought about her. Had he come out of pity after hearing of her breakup?


    "You look tired." said Myungsoo,putting all of the chopped vegetables on a plate.

    "Oh so you did see me in the corridors if you are able to tell the difference." ironically said Mina, referring to all the times he had passed by her at school without even acknowledging her presence.


    Mina caught a fleeting sad look in his eyes.



    "It's fine, let's talk about it later." 


    Mina finished cooking and brought the food over to the table where the starving monsters were waiting for her.


    "Oh my god everything looks good!" said Yujin, eyeing all the dishes.

    "You are an ogre you like everything and anything anyway-"

    "You're exactly the same Junho!" laughed Minju.

    "Do you want something to drink?"asked Mina


    Minju and Yohan exchanged a devilish look before the pink girl took a bottle out of her bag.


    "...Oh no." said Mina, shaking her head.

    "Oh yes. You need something to relax.We all do" said Minju "Well except for the little ones."

    "I'm taller than you and you are just one year older than me-" started Junho


    "Yohan?" called Myungsoo, raising an eyebrow.


    Yohan face became pale as he avoided his cousin's eyes.


    "..It was not my idea."

    "Betrayer." whispered Minju, pinching his leg under the table.

    "A small glass per person should be fine right?" said Kami,smiling to Myungsoo and Mina.

    "...A very little one for the middle-schoolers then." 


    Yohan eyed Myungsoo.


    "..Am I in trouble?"

    "Only if I catch you with a bottle once more." .


    Mina brought the small glasses and filled them up.


    "Ok ...Here." said the brunette, handing them to each one of the guests before sitting down between Myungsoo and Kami.


    Yujin and Junho were the ones to first test the liquor out of curiosity.


    "...It's disgusting!!!" cried Junho and Yujin in unison.

    "The more for us then." stated Kami before drinking hers.


    Minju and Yohan one-shoted their drinks out of habit under the surprised gaze of the older students.


    "...Oops, don't tell my mom." pleaded Yohan.


    Myungsoo shook his head in disapproval as he sipped the strong alcohol.


    "Anyone wants a second round?" asked Minju with a bright smile on her lips.


    Somehow, Mina had a weird feeling that the party would not go as planned.

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  • Evening Party

    Kami was sitting on Mina's sofa, eyeing the two middle-schoolers that were cutting, in the most dangerous way possible, carrots into what was supposed to be sticks. 


    "Junho….is there usually lettuce in the tteobokki?I was sure that it was spinach."

    "No idiot, there is lettuce in it. Do you not pay attention to what you eat?"

    "...Oh god…"sighed Mina


    Kami's friend was watching them from the kitchen's island, her face becoming whiter by the second as the two teens argued over the ingredients.

    Kami would have liked to help them but was probably worth than both of the tall babies combined at cooking.


    "Let me help-" pleaded Mina who was worried that one of them would lose a finger.

    "Go rest! We have everything under control!" said Junho before the knife fell out of his hand, landing a few inch away from Yujin's feet."...Oops."

    "....That's it you two go sit." scolded Mina .


    Kami looked over at the teenagers that were dragging their feet on the wooden floor before sitting down by the low table of the living room.

    The blonde girl could have sworn that two beaten puppies were in front of her.


    "I told you that you should have let her cook from the beginning." smiled Kami before patting their heads.

    "We wanted to help…"said Yujin

    "Well in this case I think that doing nothing is helping her." explained Kami before standing up   and going to see Mina.


    Kami heard the two teen argue over who was the better cook. 


    "Mina. What can I do?" asked Kami leaning against the fridge.

    "Go look after the kids. They are walking disasters."

    "They'll be fine, but will you?"


    Mina stopped chopping onions and looked at her friend with her usual smile back on her lips.

    Kami knew her friend's coping mechanisms to a perfection, how she thought that smiling would end up making her happier when it just helped her crumble from the inside.


    "Why wouldn't I?" 

    "You wouldn't come out of your room yesterday and now you are out and planning a party. That is not normal." 

    " I wanted to make something up for worrying all of you."

    "You don't have to. We don't worry about you expecting something in exchange." explained Kami with a sad gaze in her eyes. "I find it even a bit painful that you always act as if we stay with you because we want something out of you."

    "...Sorry" sighed Mina "I….I just need to occupy my mind, I don't want to think about him." 


    Kami was the only one who knew the details of that afternoon and had been shocked to hear how similar the situation had been to when she was dating Seongwu, everything made sense.

    Kami should have been more than angry at them and so should have Mina but instead the two of them were caught in a weird emotion and situation, they felt sorry for the two boys.

    They weren't sure what to think about all of this, mostly because Mina hadn't gotten to talk to him after the incident.

    Kami thought about all the times Seongwu had silently rolled out of her bed without even saying a word, as if ashamed to see her face in the morning. This too made sense.


    "...I know. Let's have fun then." smiled Kami before taking the plates and chopsticks out of the cupboards, she had to get rid of the bad thoughts.


    The doorbell rang and Junho opened the door to his cousin that rushed passed him to see Mina who was stirring a pot of curry and hugged her.


    "Why so much affection all of a sudden?" asked Mina.

    "...I'm sorry….I should have killed the jerk earlier." apologized Minju 

    "For what? You want to go to prison that much?"  laughed the brunette.

    "It's not funny. I knew that he wasn't good for you." 

    "...Let's not talk about that today ok?"


    "Go wait with the others, I don't need you to wreck the kitchen."


    Kami eyed the pink-haired girl join Little Junho and noticed how red the cheeks of Yujin were.

    She couldn't help but smile.


    "Yujin! Nice to see you again!" said Minju with a smile before handing her a few colorful pens with cute puppies on them that had been in her bag. "I saw them today and thought they would be perfect for you!"


    Yujin took the pens with both her hands as if she was receiving the Saint Graal itself.


    "Minju is being weird again~" said Junho in the tune he and his sister had created for all the times their cousin acted in a peculiar way.

    "...Is it weird? Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable…" apologized Minju eyeing her new purchases.

    "It isn't weird,it is perfect!!! I like it a lot!!" exclaimed Yujin a little bit too loud.


    Mina seemed to caught on what was going and exchanged a knowing smile with Kami.


    "That's a relief,I like pens." said a slightly blushing and embarrassed Minju.

    "That's an understatement….Your bedroom is like a pen store, you have enough for multiple life times." said Junho.

    "Well at least they are pretty. You have no style Junho." defended Yujin.


    A betrayed look appeared on Little Junho's face.


    "I have a great style..!" 

    "You love basic colors and designs." simply added Yujin, raising her shoulders. 

    "Basic is classy, basic goes with everything." 

    "That's what someone with no sense of fashion would say." finished Yujin.

    Kami sat back on the couch and relaxed.

    Kami had spent the majority of her years abroad, homeschooled and was the sole child of a strict family. The blonde girl had moved alone to South Korea to attend high school and liked spending time over at Mina's house where she felt at home.

    She liked how loud her family could get, it was always better than an empty home with no one to welcome her back.

    This loneliness had been a great factor to her disastrous relationship with Seongwu, she had thrown herself at him just to fill the void in her heart. She sought love, she always did.


    "Aren't you supposed to be on my side Yujin?"

    "I am on the side of whoever gives me presents."



    The bell rang again and this time Mina was the one to go open up the door.


    "Yohan! Come in-"started the young girl before noticing the figure standing behind him.


    Kami blinked a few times.

    Yohan slipped by her side and rushed towards Minju.



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  • Day 4'



    Yujin was daydreaming, drawing circles on the lined paper of her notebook with her black pen that would soon run out of ink. 

    She couldn't take her mind of her pink cheeks.

    The spirals got tighter and smaller as her thoughts wandered on her beautiful eyes and rosy lips. 

    Yujin felt herself blush and buried her face into her arms. 

    What was wrong with her?

    Minju, Junho's cousin, was the prettiest person she had ever seen and hadn't stopped thinking about her after meeting the beautiful girl.


    "....What's wrong?" whispered Junho, she would be scolded by their mathematics teacher if he ever saw her notebook. 

    "Nothing…" mumbled Yujin, looking up to her friend. 


    Yujin felt betrayed by him, how had he not introduced her to him soon?


    "Then focus on the class…"


    Yujin rolled her eyes and took her pen once again, scribbling down probably wrong answers to problems she did not understand.

    Junho and Yujin had known each other since the first day of middle school and he, out of the two of them, had changed the most. 

    The slightly chubby boy was the one who had glowed up the most out of all their classmate, turning into a handsome teenager over a single summer. 

    Yujin was the one who had cut his mushroom-like hair before they went back to school the previous year and had felt extremely proud when most of the girls began fawning over him.

    She had been a bit scared that he would change and join all the loud and popular self-serving jerks but Junho, even with his extreme turn-over look-wise and new found popularity, stayed the same young boy she had known for years.

    Junho was shy to most people's eyes but Yujin knew the truth, he was a prankster and what she liked to qualify as a crackhead and that's why she liked having him as her best friend. 

    She was just the same.

    Yujin yawned, she wanted to go out and breathe some fresh air.


    "...Yujin, come solve the problem." called the teacher who had caught a glimpse of her annoyed face.


    The young girl almost cursed and saw the slight smirk on Junho's lips that was about to laugh.

    There it was, the demonic side of her cherubic faced best friend.

    Yujin walked to the board and took a piece of white chalk in her hand.

    Yujin eyed the problem with spite, she hated maths more than anything.

    She hated complicated things and loved the simple sides of life.

    An afternoon in a park, a summer evening walk with Junho  ending with an ice-cream eaten on an empty swing and bike rides along the Han river.

    Yujin was free spirited and hated institutions.

    The young girl tapped the chalk on the board, thinking.


    She wondered what kind of person Minju was, she wondered how was life for such a beautiful person.

    She wondered if she too hated maths and if she also hated being locked up in classrooms for days on end.

    The constant tapping ceased and she sighed.

    Yujin felt ashamed to be this curious about someone she had just met,Minju had probably already forgotten her name so why was she so focused on her?


    "Yujin?" asked the teacher slowly getting annoyed.

    "....I don't know." sighed the girl before putting down the chalk and walking back to her seat.


    Junho's smirk had disappeared and a genuine concerned look had taken his place. 


    "...Let's go eat some ice cream after this." whispered Junho.

    "In March?"

    "There is no wrong time to eat ice-cream." asserted the boy with a light smile on his lips.



    Classes went on for a long time before the bell finally rang. Yujin gathered her things, looking at the mess she had made on the poor and innocent paper and mentally apologized to the trees.

    The two of them walked out of the school and headed straight to the ice cream shop that was in Junho's street.


    " You don't have to go hunt your sister's ex today?" asked Yujin as Junho hesitated between the chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.

    "No. Minju said that she can take care of him alone." 


    Yujin couldn't imagine the pink-haired girl fight and even less fight Minhyun that was way taller than her.


    "I doubt it…? She looks like she would fly right out of a window if a wind breeze grazed her."


    A scoff escaped Junho lips who ended up choosing the vanilla while she chose the chocolate gelato.


    "She isn't. She used to learn taekwondo with Yohan." explained Junho.


    Yujin remembered Yohan from a time he had come to pick up Junho. The two of them often went to game cafes and that day had been no exception.


    "Is she good at it?" 

    "Ha! No. She is terrible, she was so terrible that the teacher even told her that she was a danger to the other students.Even Yohan hasn't been able to get her to do proper punches." laughed Junho "She might been a disaster but she is strong, she even slapped a boy that bullied me before and I haven't heard from him since ." 


    The two of them sat on a swing  and started eating their ice creams.


    "Why ice-creams all of a sudden?" wondered Yujin who was happy to finally be outside of school.


    Junho looked at her.


    "Because I knew that you needed a break? You didn't look well back in class." 

    "...Thanks." smiled Yujin.

    "You won't tell me what's wrong?"asked a worried Junho.

    "Nop~" answered Yujin before swinging


    Her friend rolled his eyes. 


    "Junho?" called out a pretty but tired voice from behind them.


    Yujin turned around to see Mina dressed in a simple dress and coat with groceries in both of her hands. 

    The girl had been over to Junho's house multiple times and liked his older sister that had each time been kind to her.

    Yujin had always found Mina to be beautiful with her long eyelashes, pretty features and pleasing smile that made head turns. After meeting Minju she could see how the two girls were similar but differed from each other.

    Mina was more mature and adult like (surely because she had to take care of the wild beast that was her brother) when Minju was more vibrant and sparkling with laughter. 

    They looked so similar that someone would have easily mistaken them for sisters.

    Junho stood up and ran to her,picking up the groceries. 


    "Are you ok? You should have called me I would have helped you!" said Junho.

    "Hi Yujin." waved Mina with a smile on her lips."I didn't want to bother you."


    Yujin noticed that her eyes were slightly swollen. 

    Junho had been right, his sister had taken the break-up pretty bad. She had never seen her like that.

    Mina was always smile and sunshines even during rainy days. She never let through her feelings and always hid behind her beautiful smile of hers not to worry Little Junho.


    "How are you? Are you sure that it is ok for you to be outside?" worried her little brother.

    "I'm fine. I can't stay locked in my room forever over a break up right?" smiled the girl


    "I'm truly fine Junho. Don't worry about me." Mina patted his head "I have to hurry back, we have guests tonight."

    "Guests? Who?"

    "Minju,Yohan and Kami are coming over for dinner. You should come too Yujin." smiled Mina.


    Yujin blinked a few times. 


    "I don't want to bother you."

    "You don't, the more the merrier right?Our apartment gets lonely and way too big when it is just the two of us." 

    "Please come, I don't want to be alone with these old people!" joked Junho as Mina rolled her eyes.


    Yujin stopped to think for a second.

    It was her parents anniversary that evening ,they would probably leave her to go on a date and she hated eating alone. 

    Moreover, she could see her again and that was enough motivation on its own.

    Being a little curious wasn't bad right..?


    "Ok but let me help you out!"


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