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    Wooseok was running and he hated every second of it.

    He had always loved dancing but jogging was something he tried to avoid if possible.

    But there he was, pursued by unknown creatures that had killed persons in front of him and Yunseong ,who didn't struggle at all with running.

    He regretted not training more often.


    "Faster!" shouted Yunseong, climbing up a fence leading to a closed path between two buildings.

    "I..I can't-" 


    Yunseong grabbed his hand and pulled him up just as the monsters were about to catch his feet.


    "Fuck that was close!" shouted Wooseok, joining Yunseong on the safe side of the metal fence.

    "What the hell is that…"sighed his friend, eyeing the bloody corpses reaching out to them.

    "I have no idea…"


    Wooseok sat down against the wall, his heart was beating like crazy.

    His breathing was messy and he could feel his blood run through his temples.

    He wanted to throw up, he was so dizzy.


    "Give me your phone." asked Yunseong.


    "I lost mine when we were running."


    Wooseok took his phone out of his pocket and handed it to Yunseong who dialed the number of his cousin.

    Everything was blurry, everything was confusing.


    "Pick up Seongwu...Pick up-"


    The call was left unanswered and a sour taste slowly crept up in the boy's mouth.

    The taste of fear, a taste he had never known until then.


    "....Do you think they-" wondered Wooseok

    "No...No it said that the line was already occupied. They are safe."

    "Well Seongwu is, we don't know if Minhyun is too."

    "They always are together. They will be fine." 


    Wooseok sighed and eyed Yunseong.

    He looked more bothered than afraid. 

    Yunseong ran a hand in his fluffy hair, visibly thinking.


    "...Are you ok?" 

    "No...And you?"


    "I guess it was a stupid question right? How could we possibly be alright…"


    Wooseok looked down and finally noticed that his hands were shaking.

    It couldn't be real.

    The monsters, all the blood and screams couldn't be real.


    "Wooseok…?" asked a worried Yunseong.


    He had dreams, he wanted to be a singer.

    He wanted to travel the world.

    He wanted to find love, he wanted so many things that would never happen now.


    "Hey…" called Yunseong once more, stepping closer to him.


    He had just found his freedom, he had barely tasted it and it was already gone.

    What would he do? What should he do?

    Panic overcame him.

    Everything was over.


    "Wooseok!!" screamed Yunseong, kneeling before him, taking his face in his hands.

    "Y..Yunseong…" replied a shaking Wooseok." What...What do we do now..?"

    "We hang on."

    "What for…? We'll end up like them anyway.."

    "..Maybe. Probably." admitted Yunseong. " But what if things get better after a while? Then you would have given up for nothing."


    Yunseong hugged him.

    He was warmer than expected.


    "Breathe in ok? We'll be fine." said Yunseong, slowly petting his hair.


    Wooseok listened to him and his calm voice, whispering reassuring words in his ear.

    This was the only thing that felt real, his voice,amidst all the horror. 

    His voice amidst the deafening screams that were weakening his mind.


    "Yunseong…?" asked Wooseok.



    Wooseok looked for his eyes.

    His eyes that were always honest, his eyes that stayed the same.


    "...Don't leave me." pleaded the boy as he finally met them, pools of warmth.

    "I won't."


    Wooseok held him closer to his heart.

    It was funny to think that he trusted him that much, him who had always hated being with people.

    Him who had known only Minhyun for most of his life.Him who had always preferred being on his own.

    He barely knew him…

    And even then...

    Wooseok did not want to let him go, maybe because he associated him with freedom or maybe because he just felt safe with him, he wasn't sure.

    But he wanted him to stay.

    He wanted to survive this with him.


    "Let's go." said Yunseong


    "There." answered his friend, pointing at a building's small back door. "Can you get up?" gently asked the dancer.

    "...I don't know. I have no strength in my legs." slightly laughed an embarrassed Wooseok.


    Yunseong helped him to his feet and brushed the dust of his clothes that still were too big for him.




    Perfection was a weird notion in their situation, two teenagers with their undecided fate and a world on fire.

    Wooseok's gaze wandered on the metallic fence and saw them.


    Yunseong grabbed his face and made him stare at his face instead of theirs.




    "Just look at me." asked Yunseong before taking his hand and leading him to the back door.


    It was hard to say no.

    Yunseong was gorgeous and had been so from the first time they met(even if he hated his guts back then).


    "Ok.." whispered the boy, way quieter than what he had first intended.


    Wooseok felt Yunseong's fingers intertwined with his and wondered if so would their fates.

    Were they just crossing paths or engaging on a life trip together?

    He didn't want him to be a passing east wind in the short time that was their existence.


    "Alright." smiled Yunseong, after exchanging a long gaze with him.


    His friend's smiles were rare, so rare that every time he did smile it sent butterflies into his stomach. Butterflies that both made him happy and tormented him.

    He was scared that they would one day disappear, that he would be back to his numb day's routine, that he would be back to nothing.

    He was truly a wonder in an ever so rotten world.

    Wooseok wondered how he could possibly walk with so much confidence when they were in hell, at Death's door.


    "Step back." asked the boy before kicking the door open.

    "...I think it was already open." giggled Wooseok who was slowly forgetting that they could die at any give moment.

    "..Shh I wanted to be cool." smiled Yunseong, happy to hear his laughter.


    Wooseok slightly laughed.

    If only he knew that he always looked amazingly and breathtakingly cool...

    He had since the time he had freed him.

    He had since the time he had taken his hand and dragged him into his world.


    "You are something much more better than cool." whispered Wooseok to himself so that he wouldn't hear him. "You're my savior."


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    Jeudi 27 Février 2020 à 11:34


    Tu les as grave compris rapidement !! Leur développement est grave sympa en plus fjdfdkjxw

    Trop trop hâte de voir comment ça va évoluer gfdhsjsd

    le hug j'ai eu des flashbacks du 19 juillet..........................

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